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News:: Hottest bands in Canada

For the last few years at around this time, I Heart Music reaches out to the bloggers and actual music journalists and asks them to submit the list of the ten hottest bands in Canada. What does hottest mean? Well, really I have no idea and judging by our traffic and loyal fan base, what we think might not be in line with the other people he asks.

But I thought I'd pump out my list for you to read anyway, as I'm guessing that most of my nominees will continue to need a parka rather than start loading up on SPF 35. I was hoping all the nominees would get posted and a few of the East Coast acts I picked would get some attention, but I'm not sure how it will work - sort of a cross country analysis type thing. Anyway, like Slick Rick said, "here we go."

  1. Chad VanGaalen - Obviously, CVG is a terrific artist. He has all the qualifications and quirks that make him interesting, but he was able to create a record I longed for, waiting on baited breath until it came out, and still exceed my expectations. In today's disposable music culture, that's more than enough to gain him number one on my list.

  2. Bruce Peninsula - Two songs. That's all they've put out this year and those 6 minutes are more exciting than anything I've heard from other bands.

  3. Corb Lund - I think if anyone should be upset about not making the short list, it's Corb. Here's a guy doing it on his own, singing about subject matter that no one cares about and he still managed to create a record that was sold next to Jack Johnson and Gwen Stefani CDs in major retailers. He gets equal love from country, punkers, and the mainstream listener. We always ask for artists to raise the bar creatively and open the ears of the casual music fan… Corb is probably the only Canadian artist that accomplished that this year.

  4. FemBots - I'm not sure how to define hot – but this band reinvents itself each and every time out; takes huge risks – making their own instruments out of trash – and still managed to come up with one of the best records of the year, one more accessible than any other they've done.

  5. Ketch Harbour Wolves - Take the National, move them to the rural outskirts of Canada and give them a nautical fetish. Yeah. These guys are that good.

  6. I See Rowboats - The quintet is obviously talented, but instead of using the band to showcase the talent, they make accessible, head nodding tracks that consume you first, and reveal their talent slowly. Harmonies, picked strings, piano and guitar all blend into a terrific sound. The best thing is, the songs on the EP are only the tip of the iceberg as the band has flushed them out and improved them considerably. The full length will be terrific.

  7. Women- These guys exploded on the scene behind the strength of VanGaalen's name. The thing is, they could have recorded with me and Shane and their potential would have still shown through. Snatched to jagjaguwar a week after the record released and still taking the time to play in another signed act (Azeda Booth) kind of speaks volumes… just like their combination of noise and melody.

  8. The Rural Alberta Advantage -This Toronto outfit is exactly what an indie rock outfit should be. Creative songs? Check. Killer live show? Check. Terrific energy? Check. Insane drumming? Check. As nice and genuine as the day is long? Check. I'm not sure where I'm going with this, but that is a lot of checks.

  9. Old Man Luedecke - I'm probably alone on this one. In the grand scheme of things, people don't care about Chris, but man, that record is so good and he was nominated for 5 NS music awards. That might not ring out across the country, but certainly carries weight down here. He makes going for breakfast with your friends sound like the best thing in the world… which it is, so there you go.

  10. Julie Doiron- We are waiting on her new record – due out this year or early '09 is what I heard – but her collaboration with Phil Elverum was so powerful it shows she still has the chops to grab your ear. And if you don't think she has pull, the re-release of her tribute album from the Belgium based Paperheart music label might show how far her reach extends.

Sadly, there were a few bands I had to leave out to try to get some votes that mattered and might make the list - not for our own validation, but to try to get the bands a few more sales. I'd have loved to add the Just Barelys (but to be fair, they didn't release a record), Matthew Barber, Angela Desveaux and of course the Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir but hopefully the people reading this here will check out all those deserving bands.

Anyway, are there people we missed? Let us know.

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At 10:30 AM, Anonymous Paul did sayeth:

Nice! Old Man Luedecke made my list as well (as did Chad VanGaalen and Bruce Peninsula). Under-appreciated gold! His performance at Sappyfest made my year.


At 1:39 PM, Blogger historyjen did sayeth:

Great list! Ketch Harbour Wolves, Old Man Luedecke, the RAA, FemBots, Bruce Peninsula... awesome.

Here's my take on things:



At 10:57 PM, Blogger The R.O.B. did sayeth:

We're in agreement on numero uno...

I'm surprised neither the Black Hat Brigade nor Golden Hands Before God made the cut...


At 10:47 PM, Blogger Ming Wu Photography did sayeth:

Your list is great.
I've seen 6 of the acts that you listed.

It was my first time and I couldn't decide who to put in my Top 10.

Here is mines


At 3:29 PM, Blogger z did sayeth:

metric? dragonette? vivek shraya? does anyone know where i can find the new metric track?


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