Monday, October 20, 2008

News:: New LP from Carey Mercer (Blackout Beach)

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I’m not sure any talented artist is overlooked as much as Carey Mercer. When people mention Frog Eyes, often the discussion fades back to Spencer Krug even though Carey is the driving force. Swan Lake? Well, it’s hard for indie kids to keep it in their pants when Dan Bejar is involved.

But make no mistake, Carey Mercer is a talent we should all be paying attention to, and now finally we might be forced to judge him on his own merits. He’s releasing another solo record – again using the moniker Blackout Beach – and apparently the record is a collection of songs about a women named Donna and all the lovers she’s burned through.

Mercer has been saying the themes are simple and timeless; jealousy, hurt, loneliness, escape. After hearing the first single from the record (Cloud of Evil), I’d say that this record is going to be a slow burner with no identifiable points of reference – or more accurately, the type of record you can't ignore and makes you sit up and listen. The static drum machine beat and monk like backing vocals grab you instantly and Mercer’s vocals and recited with such intensity that start feeling the walls closing in. The vocal loops fly in and out from every angle and you are hit with an uncomfortable sense of terror and the anxious feeling is exactly what makes this song work.

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