Monday, October 6, 2008

Old School Mondays:: Roger Troutman Edition

At some point over the last few days, I heard California Love on one of the local radio stations here in Halifax. Now that there is actually an urban station in Halifax, this is not the amazing occurrence it might have been. It occured to me while listening to it that Roger Troutman doesn't really get the credit he deserves for the role his music played in helping to create some great songs. Folks like James Brown, George Clinton, and Issac Hayes seem to get more run when prominent sample sources are mentioned, and I have a feeling it might be due to Troutman's use of the vocoder or talk-box, but I certainly hope not, as the talk-box is awesome.

Anyway, to make up for missing OSM last week (thanks again to the Ack for stepping in), I thought I'd load up a random assortment of Troutman-inspired jams for everyone to enjoy. And they are:

EPMD - You Gots To Chill :: Zapp - More Bounce To The Ounce - Might as well lead off with the most sampled jam from Roger & Zapp's canon, the ubiquitous More Bounce To The Ounce. I've posted a number of songs that have used this sample before, from Pay Ya Dues, to Ain't No Future In Yo Frontin', to One Million Bottlebags, but you can never go wrong with EPMD, and since I've never posted You Gots To Chill, here it is.

EPMD - Crossover :: Roger Troutman - You Should Be Mine - More Erick and Parrish! Considering how much I love this song, I am rather surprised I didn't clue in to the fact that the sample on the chorus is Roger Troutman. Oh well, I know now, and this song is better than ever.

Compton's Most Wanted - I Don't Dance :: Zapp - Dance Floor - Ooo, the irony! I forgot about this song, but I'm glad this premise brought it back for me.

Jungle Brothers - U Make Me Sweat :: Zapp - Dance Floor - Now this song, I know I loved it back in the day, and I still do today. Very funky Jungle Brothers jam, from a somewhat un-heralded album that had a number of good songs on it.

Redman - Blow Your Mind :: Zapp - Computer Love - Have to have a jam that samples Computer Love, and in my humble it's hard to go wrong with anything from Reggie Noble's debut.

Everlast - Never Missin' A Beat :: Zapp - Doo Wah Ditty - I think by now I've posted almost every song on this album, but this jacks Doo Wah Ditty so completely that is was necessary.

Paperboy - Ditty :: Zapp - Doo Wah Ditty - I was never much into this song, and in fact I'm still not. I think Ack had a copy of this album though, so he'll be psyched.

MC Twist - So Ruff :: Roger Troutman - So Ruff, So Tuff - MC Twist & The Def Squad! No, not that Def Squad! Somehow I had a copy of MC Twist's debut, Comin' Through like Warriors, on cassette way back. I kind of liked it, and I remembered this jam as soon as I heard So Ruff, So Tuff.

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At 10:48 AM, Blogger ack did sayeth:

actually chisel chest, I only had the cassingle. I'm not sure if that is better or worse, but yeah, take that.


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