Monday, October 20, 2008

Old School Mondays:: Liquid Swords!

...styles are old like Mark 5 sneakers, Lyrics are weak, like clock radio speakers

All right friends, you know the deal: the 2008 edition of the Halifax Pop Explosion gets underway tomorrow, and the city will be lousy with awesome shows, least of which is the GZA's Liquid Swords show at the Marquee on Friday. As a bit of prep for that show, last week we hit you with a couple songs from the Genius' pre-Wu outing, Words From The Genius, so it only makes sense to dedicate this week's OSM to the actual album to album we'll be celebrating on Friday.

Alas time is short, and on top of that, I am ill-equipt to really be able to convey what a great this album was, but I think we'd all agree that this is one instance where those, often cheaply-used, terms like seminal, masterpiece, or classic apply completely and without question. The GZA's album wasn't the most hotly anticipated Wu solo album back in the day for many, but it goes down in history as perhaps the deepest and most satisfying. The Genius reinforces his moniker throughout this album, most of the Wu makes an appearance at some point, and rarely was the "old kung-fu movie snippets as theme" aesthetic used as well as it was here (which is ironic as the creepy Shogun Assasin clips aren't from a Kung Fu movie, but a blood-sprayin' samurai flick).

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy these jams, and I hope that if you're in Halifax we'll see you at the show. Halifax's wn MC champion Ghettosocks is also on the bill, so it's a show not to be missed I would say.


GZA - Liquid Swords

GZA - I Gotcha Back

GZA - Cold World

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