Thursday, October 30, 2008

Quick hitters:: Eleanor Murray


There’s something about the adventurous, lo-fi folk music coming from the Pacific Northwest. Whether it’s Karl Blau or lesser known acts like Ben Kamen (someone we’ve had lots to say about here on herohill), it seems every musician I uncover writes the type of songs that consume me. I’m not sure if it’s because Nicola and I spent time there, but the music triggers vivid memories every time I hear it. So naturally when I heard Ben has started a label and was fixin' to deliver the first non-Kamen Anonymous Monk release, I was eager to hear what type of musician would be the springboard for his label.

For Cedar, the beautiful sparse debut from Eleanor Murray, is another shining example of the music that seems to settle in the NW. Gentle strums and fret board squeaks provide the most fragile support for her to stand on, and her voice shakes and wavers accordingly. When I was talking to Ben, I said her voice makes you want to cinch up the collar of your coat as you walk defiantly through the chill of the fall air. I can’t pretend to get everything out of this record after only hearing a few songs, but I guarantee I will be taking the time to unearth all of the hidden treasures Eleanor has to offer on this release (like the explosion of guitar, strings and chimes that shocks the pristine, glass like calm of Walk Home).

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