Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quick hitters:: Hospital Bombers

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I’ve had the Hospital Bombers record on my desk for a few weeks, and honestly, I just never got around to listening to it. No idea why, especially since the promo pile is Carl “Slim” Pickens right now, and any Mountain Goats reference should be a sure fire way to get my attention. Bottom line, they weren’t a Canadian band and more importantly, lately I’ve not been at all interested in jotting down thoughts that almost no one reads.

Luckily, Frank over at Chromewaves – side note, you should skip the RSS viewer and head over and check out his new redesign – covered the new record on his Sunday Cleaning and his description forced me to take a listen. I’m not going to be able to offer anything better than he did, as his words hit the nail on the head.
And while it’s not really possible to emulate Darnielle’s songwriting, the quartet - self-proclaimed deliverers of “stadium folk” - do manage to replicate some of the manic, playful energy of mid-period Goats with a delivery that’s suitably dry though seasoned with a blend of New Wave and orchestral flavours.”
Bottom line, I’ve been listening to the Amsterdam outfit non stop since Sunday, and getting more out of each and every listen. I even tried to get in touch with my friends in Amsterdam and Utrecht to get more info about the band. The mix of aggressive folk strums, beautiful strings and new wave sounds really adds a lot to the vocals and is well worth checking out. But chances are, you already knew that right?

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