Monday, October 27, 2008

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Sheltered in Sound. The name might sound like an emo band or the title of a terrible movie, but it’s the moniker Sean Nilsson pens his stripped down acoustic tracks under and when you listen to him sing, you understand what the name means. As the suburban sprawl reaches farther and farther outside of the city, we are left searching for any quiet retreat, longing for anything pure.

For Sean, it’s obvious that search is becoming harder and harder. The loss of his father and the overwhelming noise of the city weigh heavily on his mind, forcing him to look inside himself and try to find a place where he feels comfortable. Over top of minimal alt-country acoustics, Nilsson realizes there are no simple answers and a few songs can’t change the world – something singer songwriters should take to heart – but his steady pace and soothing voice make Field Recordings From The City a great listen and something you can hold on to.

Nilsson isn’t riding the rails or rallying for change (although Mother’s Tears plays like a simple admission that there isn’t much we can do to stop moving in the direction we are headed), but his songs make you think back to times when the world was simpler. Even when he jump starts his songs with drum machine beats (like the background of the anti-suburban anthem, Welcome to Generica), they never take away from the vibe of the record and it’s that 'old soul' style that helps Nilsson’s words ring true.

But the most important thing you take away from Field Recordings From The City is not the message, but the consistency in which he presents them. Tracks like Falling Stars and Sleepwalking (especially with double tracked vocals, keys and pedal steel) are instantly ear pleasing and you start to settle into the sounds, soaking in his words subconsciously. Nilsson doesn’t force his thoughts down your throat, in fact, he seems as uncertain about the world and the sadness he feels as anyone who might be listening. There’s probably more to say about this record, but personally I think it’s best left for you to experience on your own.

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