Thursday, November 20, 2008

BOX:: All-Canadian Edition - Vol. 2

All righty, we have some good stuff for you fine folks on the snow & ice encrusted morning. Well we've got snow & ice here in Halifax, likely most of you don't where you are, and I'm sure you're happy about that. Either way, get ready to get warmed up, Canadian hip hop style, as we present the second All-Canadian edition of our hip hop single-fest BOX! The previous All-Canadian edition seemed to be quite popular, and I think this one is even better, so let's get to it.

Based on my fawning review, I think it's safe to say I enjoyed DL Incognito's last album, A Captured Moment In Time. But going back to that album now, I still think the exuberance was warranted, as in these days & times, good hip hop, such as the kind found here, is cause for celebration no matter where it comes from. So when I find it here in Canada, I get a little excited. Air Play is the latest single from the album, and DL has made a video for it, which you can check below. It's actually kind of a great video, with DL playing the role of cab driver, wheeling various T.O. hip hop types through the bright lights of a Toronto night (I like D-Sisive's cameo in his crazy birdface mask). As for the song, I said this in my review: "a dark, 70's, jazz-funk beat that works even without a slap bass solo, and finds DL kicking notable quotables all over the track". A slap-bass reference! You have to hear it now don't you?

Here's another song with a spiffy new video that I enjoy. I certainly enjoyed this jam from Calgary duo Dragon Fli Empire back when Teekay & Cosm first sent us their EP, Intermission, after all, it made our Alberta mix, but this video reminded me what a great track it is. Mr. Roland Pemberton reminds us why he's so darn likable with his opening verse, Teekay has a great take on what it's like to rep Central Canada when you aren't a Casper-esque, hockey-hair havin' Albertan, and the song finishes with a funky geetar solo. Oh, and I like the drums on this. That's a lot of good right there.

IT'S THE KID! Full disclosure: if he wasn't Canadian, there is likely zero chance I would be posting a song from Famous, as his uber-swagger self-promotion is the kind of thing that turns me off. But somehow I figured out he was Canadian and gave him a listen, and the truth is, he's a pretty solid MC. Not sure if his full-scale selling of himself and "reppin' for the suburbs" steez is going to result in me posting anything else from him, but at the same time, I don't want to dismiss someone with talent because they have ambition. Also, the video below is actually a really reasonable take on why a number of Canadians were hyped on the US election results. So it's worth a watch I'd say. And yeah, IT'S THE KID, HE RAPS NOW. Now you know.

For whatever reason, I haven't heard K'Naan's debut, The Dusty Foot Philosopher, but as this lovely little live collabo with Mos Def shows, K'naan is a really talented fellow. I believe he has a new album dropping next year, so if someone affiliated with K'Naan would send it my way for reviewage, I'd appreciate it. Also, his new pre-release song ABCs, has a version that features Chubb Rock (the song itself features the same "go go go" as Treat 'Em Right), and if you know my history, you know I think that is waaaay above average. So nevermind how talented he is, and how thoughtful and socially conscious his lyrics are, I wholeheartedly endorse K'Naan on his Chubbster affiliations alone.

We could just as easily change this from an All-Canadian edition, to a "People Shane Enjoys Long-Time Edition". D-Sisive certainly fits that category. I've written a couple a praise filled posts this year about D-Sisive and his releases The Book and Like This (Plus Three). Well you can take all those things and apply them to Wonderful World 08, D's latest single (which I believe he's also releasing in the Plus Three format). Despite his lack of attention from those outside the Canadian hip hop scene, I really think D is one of Canada's premier lyricists. At least in my opinion, as his combination of humour and storytelling ability make him easy to listen to over and over again. This soulful outing is no exception.


DL Incognito - Air Play

Dragon Fli Empire ft. Cadence Weapon - Outside Inn

President Too (Barack Obama)

K'Naan & Mos Def - My God

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