Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Live:: Cam Malcolm, Bloodsport & The Lodge

After last week, if my name were Mike and/or Michael, I'd be running out to buy myself a sleep mask. After seeing Michael Scott rock one on Thursday, and then seeing Mike O'Neill rock out while rocking one on Friday, I think it's pretty clear that all the Mike's are doing it!

Well perhaps not all, but some. Or two. Anyway, the Ack and I braved a rainy Friday night to check out a fine Gus' Pub lineup consisting of Hamilton's Cam Malcolm and The Owls, Halifax's Bloodsport & The Lodge, and PEI indie heroes Smothered In Hugs. As an aside it strikes me that we owe Smothered In Hugs some coverage here on the hill as we didn't get around to writing about the time we saw them with Mardeen and this time the rain and our old man tired-ness made us leave before their set. Sorry, Smothered In Hugs, we owe you one!

Otherwise, we enjoyed the evening. The Ack is a big Cam Malcolm fan, after reviewing his album, and I have to say, I also enjoyed Cam's set. His laidback brand of rock & roll and his friendly demeanor seemed a good fit for Gus', and although the crowd was anticipating the acts to come, Cam & company seemed to get a decent reaction. Friday marked the second time we've seen Bloodsport, the distortion-ified outfit helmed by jack of all trades Matt Charlton, and they might be building a rep as one of the better live acts in the city. They're nice and loud, and they`ve got a big posse (word to Arabian Prince), so it's a pretty enthusiastic affair when they play. Some recorded material from Bloodsport would likely be received well in these parts.

The Ack and I were intrigued to see The Lodge play, a kind of old-school Halifax supergroup led by former Inbred Mike O'Neill on vocals, former Superfriend Charles Austin on guitar, and former Hermit Cliff Gibb on drums. There is also a guy on bass. Sorry guy on bass, but The Lodge is myspace-less, so I know not your name. The Lodge continued to intrigue us, as O'Neill performed the set wearing the aforementioned sleep mask. Why? I have no idea. It works for him though, as he seemed to be in his own world as they plowed through one chunky, riff-filled rocker after another wit nary a word of banter or song title utter in between songs. So there is a Lodge song below, but I have no idea what it is.

Update! Scott, of ever-expanding Gooseberry records, has been kind enough to inform me that The Lodge's bass player is Andrew Glencross of outfits such as Neuseiland and The Euphonic. Many apologies Andrew, for tabbing you "guy on bass".

Scott was also kind enough to identify the unknown Lodge song I posted. It turns out the song is Forget The Silence, and you can also hear it on Gooseberry's free Zunior sampler. So why wait? Do it now.

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At 1:14 AM, Anonymous Scott did sayeth:

Hey Guys,

Some updates to your post:

The Lodge will be releasing their debut album "Take That Devil" early 2009 on Gooseberry.

The bass player is Andrew Glencross formerly of Neuseiland and The Euphonic. Also plays with Buck 65 and Al Tuck.

Their Myspace page is www.myspace.com/thelodgeband


At 8:42 AM, Anonymous Scott did sayeth:

PS- The song title is "Forget The Silence" which is available for free download on the Gooseberry Records Sampler on Zunior.com!


At 12:32 PM, Blogger naedoo did sayeth:


Thanks Scott.


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