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Best-Of 2008:: Top 5 Canadian MC's

The G.0.D. of Canadian MC's, you better ask somebody
Unlike everyone who has anything even close to a music blog, I hate lists. That being said, I need to say job well done to the Ack for the thought & effort he put into both his Canadian EP and LP lists, they are both really fantastic, but the thought of one myself gives me headache. I can't remember what albums I listened to last week, let alone last March. Anyway, in my review of Ghettosocks excellent mixtape from last week (hey, I did remember!), I mentioned that I would put him in a top 5 list of Canadian MC's. That seemed like a list I could contribute with a minimum of effort, so without further ado, I give you my top 5 Canadian MC's from 2008.

Well, perhaps a bit more ado. Basically the idea here is that I'm listing the 5 Canadian MC's that I enjoyed this year, and that means they are old folks I covered in some way, shape, or form. It's also based soley on my own MC science, so if you want to debate my choices, fine by me, but trying to get me to change my opinion would be like trying to convince Kanye he isn't the best anything. Likely not happening. And if you are a Canadian MC, and think you should've been on here, well by all means, get in touch. Perhaps 2009 will be your time to shine here on the hill. Now, let's do this:

5. Cadence Weapon
I'm going to put it to you like this: people that say Cadence Weapon is "Canada's best rapper" usually either don't like rap, or they know no other Canadian rappers. But that being said, I'm certainly not going to deny I like Mr. Pemberton. Even if you aren't a huge fan of the electro, rap-house sound he broke out on his recent album, his charisma and smarts always make him an interesting and enjoyable listen - which is reinforced by his cameos on records like Dragon Fli Empire's Outside Inn, which Cadence helped make one of favorite Canadian jams from this year. I also said this about Roland:
That being said, you can rap over Strike It Up if you want, but if you are skill-less, it isn't going to matter. This isn't a problem for Cadence. He has a decent flow, and his clever rhymes are full of confessions, stories, and pop culture references galore.

4. DL Incognito
He doesn't get much shine in this country (what MC does I guess), but DL is just a really solid MC that does it the way an old purist-like dude such as myself can appreciate. He's dedicated too, with this year's stellar A Captured Moment In Time being the fourth album he's put out via mostly DIY means. On top of that, his name is Oliver, and we just had a son a couple months ago that we named Oliver, so this is a natural fit. I also said this about DL:
The Ottawa native isn't flashy, doesn't need any gimmicks, and won't try and blind you with super-deep MC science - he's simply an MC with a perfect combination of skills (voice, flow, lyrics, beats) that make him tremendously listenable.

3. Ghettosocks
Considering I said I'd put the Grand Wizard Ghettosocks in my top 5, this one here is kind of a no brainer. It's well earned though, as Socks is truly one of my favorite MC's to listen to. He seems to genuinely get the golden age aesthetic, without being corny, and he is a funny guy to boot, so you know you'll get your money's worth from a Ghettosocks release. If you aren't up on Socks, do so today. I also said this about G-socks:
It's no secret that I can be a bit of a shameless homer where Halifax music is concerned, but my hip hop zealotry will always prevent me from overhyping an MC or group that doesn't deserve it, so rest assured that this Ghettosocks recommendation is legit.

2. Shad
Being the only member of this list without a release in 2008 likely kept Shad from grabbing top spot on this list, but in all honestly, The Old Prince is still as good or better than anything I heard out of Canada this year. Plus I got the chance to cyber-interview Shad in May, and he's just a genuinely nice guy, who also happens to be incredibly talented, so he belongs high on this list without a doubt. Well there's also the small matter of him getting nominated for a Juno, the Polaris, and blowing a bit down south (Warped tour in '09, holla! Oh, sorry about that, got carried away) with the help of his Fresh Prince themed video. If you aren't familiar with this funny & clever MC, you should get with the program ASAP - I'm eager to see what Shad comes with next. I also said this about Shad K:
I'm a big fan of what Shad does - I thought his last album The Old Prince was awesome, certainly deserved its Juno nod, more so than most of its fellow nominees

1. D-Sisive
I'd been a fan of D-Sisive's for a while, after hearing songs here and there from him over the past few years, but his confessionary, 8-song cleansing from this year, The Book was really kind of un-unexpectedly awesome. Quite simply it's great, with D-Sisive laying his soul out there for everyone to see, without coming off like those whiny emo-rappers that no one really wants around. And on top of that, he released another solid EP, Like This (Plus Three) that features Guilty Simpson guesting on the gritty title track, and he also has another EP in the works for early '09. Top shelf work from D has earned him this slot in my opinion without a doubt. I also said this about the man known as Orville Knoblich:
Anyway, I think this is a great album and I encourage everyone to check it out. It's short, so the dark subject matter doesn't have a chance to get old, and every song is strong in it's own right.

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What a terrible list...what about MC Archimedes or even the poetic lyrisist Lorne Lutz?


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