Monday, December 8, 2008

Old School Mondays:: Stetsasonic (In Full Gear Edition)

Last week I posted on Zion I's new mixtape, The Search & The Seizure, which features the re-working of a few classic hip hop jams. After doing that review, I thought it might be fun to create this week's OSM from the original song from the ones they covered. But whilst going through the songs, one of them stood out: Talking All That Jazz. I realized that I had not only never posted this truly classic song, but I had never posted on Stetsasonic in general. Well that just won't do, will it?

No sir, it will not. Stetsasonic, for those not aware, is the original hip hop band comprised of MC's Daddy-O, Delite, and Frukwon, Wise the human mix machine (who MC'd after Frukwon's departure), DJ Prince Paul, DBC (keys? not sure about DBC's role), and the Stet funky drummer, Bobby Simmons. That's a fair bit of talent right there, with Daddy-O acting as kind of the un-official leader, and Prince Paul handling production duties. I always loved the whole "hip hop band" gimmick, even if back in the day it kind of baffled me, I was like "how are they a band, is someone playing a keetar while they rap?" Man, that would've been awesome actually.

Anyway, Stet are one of those hip hop acts from back then that kind of get overlooked, or even dissed. This isn't fair in my opinion, I'm pretty sure most people who would diss them have never heard their second album In Full Gear, in it's entirety - because it's rather enjoyable. Prince Paul laces the tracks with some 1988 funkiness (see Music For The Stetfully Insane for hints as to where Paul would take his production later on), and while their flows are much improved from the old-school, Beastie-chant-ish style they used on their first album. Daddy-O is pretty charismatic, and got most of the attention, but Frukwon might've been the best MC in the posse.

I got my copy of In Full Gear from the US a couple years after it came out, and I needed to have it for one reason: Talking All That Jazz. Seriously, if you don't like Talking All That Jazz, I'm not sure we could be friends. Sure, we could be acquaintances, and we'd have pleasant small talk on the occasions we met, but later on I'd make fun of you with the Ack on the computer. That's just how it is. But on to more pleasant things, some songs from In Full Gear. Of course you get TATJ, but how about Stet Troop '88! for the Ack who heard this jam somewhere last week and was reciting the lines ("I buy my clothes at The Gap, I really know how to rap, I like Root Beer on tap!"). Done. We must have Sally, as that song always stuck in my head for some reason. Also we have This Is It Y'all which I always like due in part to the funky drummer's drumming, and then the bass-filled Miami Bass which I also improbably loved back in the day.

So there you go, some Stetsa in your diet for a fine, snow-encrusted, Monday morning.


Stetsasonic - Talkin' All That Jazz

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