Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Quick Hitters:: Eliot Lipp - Peace Love Weed 3D

Here's something you might not know (although if you are also a music blogger, and it sometimes seems that 80% of our readership is, you might), if you take the time to look through them, random music emails can sometimes deliver a gem. This is the case with electro producer Eliot Lipp and his new album, the hippily-titled Peace Love Weed 3D.

Based solely on the title, and the 3D Poster Art-esque cover, this album seemed like a natural and/or automatic pass for me. However, I'm glad I checked it out, as Lipp takes some rather obvious hip hop influences, and pours them into ear-catching, electronic music. Seriously, this IDM-ish space that Lipp is working in turns out a lot of background music, so when something catches my ear as much as PLW3D did, I feel obliged to share.

And it certainly caught my ear from the get go, as the first three songs were a powerful enough trifecta to sell me on Lipp's skills as a producer (and make me wonder why this was the first I've heard of him?). Album opener Yeah is simply an awesome song in my humble - the drums knock hard, the keys bleep and blurp in all the right places, the oscillators oscillate where you'd prefer, and the guitar blends so well you don't even notice it at first. If that isn't enough, Lipp throws in sa minimal amount of vocal "yeah"'s to spice things up. Proceed trips the 80's hip hop light fantastic, with Sucker MC drums and Whodini keys, it certainly works for me. The ominous Sentinel pounds hard, but also brings the bongos and arcade blips to keep things moving.

There are other treats to be had throughout the album, like Glowstick, which has a name that would make a certain herohill-wife happy, and a bass music/club sound to please everyone else. Album closer Beamrider starts like the best part of a bad sci-fi movie, but once the drums come in and Lipp tweaks the bass, dropping the bottom out of it every fifth bar or so, you know you've got something solid on your hands. So why delay any further? I've put you up on Eliot Lipp and his big beats, so get your hands on some today.

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At 8:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

I'd check out some of his other music.. Tacoma Mockingbird is a great CD


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