Friday, December 5, 2008

Quick Hitters:: Zion I - The Search & The Seizure

Yesterday, to celebrate the occasion of my Barkley birthday, I posted PE's uber-classic Rebel Without a Pause. Well that bit of awesomeness reminded me of something I've been meaning to post: Zion I's new mixtape, The Search & The Seizure. They're giving it away for free at that there link, so do yourself a favour and cop it on the quick fast.

A few weeks ago I posted The Rebel, one of the songs from Zion I's mixtape, which is an awesome modern take on Rebel Without a Pause. I also mentioned that the Zion I crew were working on a mixtape that would feature one side of re-worked hip hop classics, and the other with some "indie rock and electro goodies". Well this is that very mixtape, and it is really rather enjoyable. And free, so really, what more could you want from me on a Friday?

You could want nothing else, friend, because Zion I flip not only Rebel Without a Pause, but Sucker MC's to open the mix, and then follow that up with a take on Lyte's Paper Thin (which also features Rakaa, so bonus points!), which has to be one of the best old school beats that no one really talks about. So they had me won over three songs in, but there's more good stuff to be had. There's also a take on You Gots To Chill that features Talib, and a brief All That Jazz moment, so you can't lose really.

For reminiscing and obligatory, old-man "hip hop was better back in my day because of..." purposes, I prefer side A, but the second side has some goodness too. I think the down-south electro-laced Juicy Juice is the first single from their album, while the guitar-ed out How Does It Feel features a solid cameo from Del. There's some MGMT and Santogold re-workage for the painted-on-pants set, and the previously released Radiohead remix Weird Fishez, which I enjoy.

I've always thought the Zion I combo of producer AmpLive and MC Zumbi are very solid and also underrated, so I'm happy to mention them again so soon (and if someone sends me their up-coming album, The Takeover, I'll review that too). But there you go, two solid mixtape recommendations in three days, how generous of me. Enjoy.


Zion I - Juicy Juice

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