Friday, December 5, 2008

Reviews:: Rah Rah Going Steady


I’ll be honest; it’s rare that the bands playing those beautiful, lush anthems win me over these days. I think once Arcade Fire took over the world, all of sound-alikes that popped up in the following few years helped make soaring epics a bit played out. That’s probably why, even with all of the positive things I heard, seeing the Montreal icons listed on Rah Rah’s influence turned me off a bit.

Then I heard Going Steady and realized that the Regina rockers are more than just crescendos, chaos and stabbing strings. Instead of simply adding layer after layer in an attempt to sound dramatic, Rah Rah throws the listener countless change ups that make the experience very rewarding. Yes, they can certainly write some epics with backing shouted vocals (Cuba/Peru) and surging anthems ( Betrayal Pt. 1, Tentacles) but never do they rely on that equation. They seem completely comfortable revisiting what made indie rock work back in the day or completely switching gears with a country fused number like My Guarantee.

The simple strums of Duet For Emmylou And The Grievous Angel, the anti-establishment cries of Fuck Nafta, the nonsense and humor of I've Got Faith and the 'take you back in time' drum machine beat that dominates Winter Sun. All of these elements show why Rah Rah is far from just another band trying to emulate what is hot. They show restraint and maturity, executing a terrific slow build with only vocals, simple guitar notes and marching band drums (Castles). Basically, Rah Rah shows that they are ready to be another band to make a name outside the borders of our fine country.

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At 11:35 AM, Anonymous matthew did sayeth:

Such an awesome album!


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