Friday, January 30, 2009

Between the Covers:: Stereo Moon vs. Eric's Trip

It’s Friday and I think that means you all deserve a new installment of Between the Covers. Today, we are digging deep in vault, and looking back at one of the East Coast most influential sludge rock bands. Eric’s Trip was pretty well the first Maritime act to explode on the indie scene and thanks to the good people at Gooseberry Records, they are getting a tribute record. The first song that’s surfaced from this record was sent to us from Stereo Moon. Emm Smith teamed up with the Stables to record a cover of the obscure acoustic ditty, Blue Sky for Julie.

The lo-fi acoustic track appeared on a small Sub Pop release, Never Mind the Molluscs, tied in with the sonic exploration of Smother. The crackle of the stripped down track was barely audible, but the sentiment was beautiful. Stereo Moon and the Stables go for a bolder sound and add a minute or so to the track, but keep the intimate nature of the song. The harmonies float nicely and the xylophone sounds perfect. It can't help but get you excited for the rest of the tracks on this tribute.

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