Friday, January 30, 2009

IDOW:: Saturday Night with Buck65 & Jill Barber

Well, we missed day two of IDOW, due to some un-expected work drama for the Ack, and I took the opportunity to stay in and try to stave off the sickness that has ravaged my household and has been working on me for a while. But the show must go on! Tonight we'll be at the Dan Ledwell, Justin Rutledge, and Jolie Holland show that the Ack cyber-drooled over last week, but I figured Saturdays events could use a brief preview.

This is doubly the case now that former Halifax chanteuse extraordinaire Jill Barber is perfomring a last minute show. It seems that Ferron has, unfortunately, had a sudden health emergency and had to cancel her show at St. George's Round church. Hopefully Ferron will be ok, and while that is no doubt sad for her fans, a replacement set by Barber, one of the original founders of the festival, has to be welcome news. Barber has a new album that is getting raves from this here site and many others, so seeing her back in Halifax, and in a venue like this, has to make this a must-see.

That is unless seeing the pride of Mount Uniacke, NS, and current host of CBC Radio2's Drive program Rich "Buck65" Terfry perform in a boxing gym is more your kind of must-see action. That's right, Buck65 will be playing tomorrow night at Palooka's Gym, a recently opened boxing facility on Gottigen street here in Halifax. How is this going to work? Will Buck be folk-rhyming his way around the squared circle? I certainly hope so, but you'll have to make your way out to the show to find out.

This is the perfect opportunity to post something that I've been meaning to for ages. A while ago Buck legally "leaked" a trilogy of albums he made, more or less experimenting in his spare time. The Dirt Bike series featured a ton of guests, both assisting with production and vocal duties, and they feature something for Buck fans, no matter which steez you prefer him to use. You can download them all here, as well as get the scoop on the making of the songs and who did what. Here's a small sampling of some songs I enjoyed from the albums.

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