Friday, February 20, 2009

News:: Anonymous Monk Spring calendar ft. Karl Blau, Paleo, Ben Kamen and more

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Back in the day, buying a record - hell, even buying a CD - was a big deal. Opening the gatefold for the first time or unfolding the cover art was part of the experience and usually set the tone for the listening experience.

Well, things have changed and more often than not we listen to our music on a computer or an Ipod, so visual appeal has become almost an afterthought for most consumers.

Luckily, we have people like Ben Kamen offering up ways to get art alive. I know that may sound hokey, but his DIY label - Anonymous Monk - is releasing a Spring '09/'10 calendar and compilation record and as you can see above, the results are beautiful. It might not be as high tech as the Dilla print Shane talked about earlier, but the poster sized black & white calendar looks fantastic, and should be enough to take the old oyster shuck to your billfold.

Aesthetically you should be intrgiued, but when you look at the list of contributors, this becomes a no-brainer. Some of the best artists in the Pacific Northwest have written a track - one for each month of the year - for Ben's project, including some herohill favorites like Karl Blau, Eleanor Murray, Paleo and Viking Moses. Oh, and of course, Ben himself.

I could easily post the whole list of artists for you to revel in, but it's overkill. I would suggest just jumping over to Anonymous Monk and buying the damn thing. Twelve great songs and a new calendar for $10 bucks. Not sure you will find a better deal that that, even if the Shamwow guy is pitching it.

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