Monday, February 16, 2009

Old School Mondays:: Brand Nubian (All For One Edition)

The inspiration for this week`s OSM is a fairly straight-froward one. Last week I posted a much-overdo review of Moka Only`s latest album, Carrots and Eggs, I mentioned that Sadat X makes an appearance on one song. As I said in the review, this is always a welcome occurrence and it made me nostalgic for some Brand Nubian. That in turn made me wonder if I'd ever posted some Nubians for OSM. Turns out I hadn't, and that just won't do.

Of course Brand Nubian is the New Rochelle, New York MC triumvirate of Grand Puba, Sadat X, and Lord Jamar (I knew their DJ as Alamo, but Mr. Wiki tells me there was another named DJ Sincere, so there you go). But when you talk about the Brand Nubians, you have to start at the start, their classic debut All For One. Truly a classic, and featuring one of the Golden Age's most iconic songs (Slow Down), All For One might've been a bit of a gift and/ or curse, as it set unfair expectations that likely weighed on the group. I say this because although their subsequent albums were actually really good and treasured amongst die-hards (Punks Jump Up anyone? I'm also a big fan of their '98 reunion Foundation, I played that a ton), they never managed to grab the acclaim they likely deserve.

Puba's departure from the group to pursue a solo career likely played some role in the group's failure to blow on a grander scale, but Sadat and Jamar were certainly quality MC's deserving of credit in their own right. After all, it's Sadat's cult-like following amongst indie MC's and fans alike that inspired this post. So as as I said, when you discuss Brand Nubian, you have to start with All For One, and more specifically Slow Down, so let us do that. The original and the Pete Rock Remix are here for your listening pleasure. There are so many classic lyrical moments on this track, I just don't have time to discuss them all (Sadat's whole verse is classic stuff: "Now Woolie Willie got a pair of my sneakers, I wonder where he got 'em cause I hid 'em behind my speakers"..."Yeah, head crack! head crack!").

In addition, we also have two versions of the other single from the album, the five-percenter themed Wake Up. Two good ones here, so enjoy.


Brand Nubian - Slow Down

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