Monday, February 9, 2009

Old School Mondays:: Whiteboys With Leather Medallions Editon

All right, gather round folks, this is a fun one. Last night we ate dinner at my parents house, and because my father has never thrown out anything I've ever owned, we often find amusing things from my past, and these things are often good for a laugh. Well this time my son opened a drawer in the desk in my old bedroom and found a treasure trove of stuff. The best of lot was easily the leather Africa medallion I bought in Junior High.

Yes, in Junior High my friends and I rode the bus downtown because we heard there was a store selling the medallions all our favorite rappers were rocking in their videos. Not sure how many of us bought them, but I certainly did. Herohill co-founder Shawn Lapaix might've purchased one as well. Did we know it was kind of ridiculous to be sporting these medallions? Yes, I think we knew that, essentially, it was, but we were enthusiastic about the rap music. I'm not sure I wore it again after the day we bought them - there was a black woman sitting across from us on the bus ride home, and I think we felt a bit of the stupid in all of our half-arsed wanna-be-down whiteness.

Looking back however, I think it's all rather awesome. I admire my dorky junior high self for being so committed to the hip hop cause that I would not only purchase such a thing, but that I'd consider wearing it somewhere other than locked in my bedroom. And the fact that I kept it stashed safely in my desk drawer? Well that's just the icing on the awesome cake. It's now hanging above my desk, so next time you stop by, make sure I show it to you so we can share a laugh.

Some songs that reference the wearing of medallions are in order then, yes? Well here's three, see if you can spot the references. Those are followed by an X-Clan song, because I can't think of any group of dudes that would've been more dismayed to see me rocking an African medallion than Professor X (R.I.P.) & Co. So enjoy, you sissieeees.


Jungle Brothers - Straight out the Jungle

King Sun - Be Black

W.C. & The Maad Circle - Dress Code

X-Clan - Heed The Word Of The Brother

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