Friday, February 6, 2009

Quick Hitters:: Business Casual

Hold on to your hats people, but I've spotted another musical trend: the worlds of hip hop and indie rocks are co-mingling more than ever right now! What? This isn't news? Lil Wayne is doing what, a rock album? Oh, I see. Well colour me bemused.

Anyway, Swell from the Metermaids was kind enough to give me a heads up on a new album/EP he and some of his friends put together, called Business Casual. Since I was a fan of his last album, and since the album is available for free at, I thought it was certainly worth a look see. Business Casual features The Metermaids (Swell and Sentence) collaborating with MC's Kats, Domer, brokeMC to spin some '09 NY indie rap tales over Domer's remixes of some of your favorite indie jams from the likes of Spoon, MGMT, the Black Lips and Vampire Weekend.

As I said, this is certainly a trendy idea at the moment, but trendy ideas don't necessarily always equal good ideas. Thankfully in this case though, the results are quite enjoyable. This starts with the production, where Domer has been able to take a song like Spoon's Rhythm & Soul and for the most part keep the sound & feel of the track intact while building a legit hip hop track out of it. Certainly the trademark synths on the MGMT-jacked Time To Pretend, and Jack White's howl on Icky Thump give away the track's origin, but for the most part if you weren't paying close attention, you might not pickup on their indie origins. Oh, well that and if you didn't read the song titles, those are kind of dead giveaway.

Despite not being household names, the MC's on Business Casual do fine work. They're having fun here, not trying to cure the infectious disease of your choice, and the lyrical content reflects that. So if you're looking to have yourself a little fun, the kind of fun that puts some blogger-loved indie rock into the blender with some fun-loving hip hop and drinks the resulting beverage down to the last drop, head over to and get yourself hooked up with some Business Casual.

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