Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quick Hitters:: Quake - The Reality Mixtape

You can't run a not-at-all successful enterprise like this here site without having some rules to live by (or post by, as it were). One of my favorites is that I never post on a mixtape without lamely offering up the caveat that I "don't normally review mixtapes", but that I'm making an exception for some reason or other. Well then, let's get that out of the way shall we? It just so happens that another of my rules is that if you have a mixtape, and graduated from my old stomping grounds at Fairview Junior High, or were taught by any former hill contributor, than I shall review said mixtape.

Well young Halifax MC Quake meets both of those criteria, and in fact it was Mario "Mr. E." Eleftheros that first brought him to our attention. We discussed his me against the world (of Canadian rap) diss track a couple years ago, but now he has a new mixtape that he wants to share with you and yours, so he's giving it away. It's a nice piece of work, and certainly worth a listen if you're looking for some up & coming Canadian hip hop. Quake is a talented MC, there is no denying that, but this mix finds himself evaluating his place in the game and where hip hop finds itself in 2009.

The album opens with His Story which uses a soul vocal sample-laced track as the backdrop for Quake to tell his, uhhhh, story, with a Jay-like autobiographical track. The Cake Walk and Fuck The Rap Game show that even young MC's are tired of the nonsense in the hip hop biz right now - everyone wants to be a celeb rapper and drive a "dump truck, on chrome rims", but that whole scene gets a DF from Quake and anyone else who loves hip hop done the "right" way. ABC's & 123's features Quake handling the Kanye Two Words beat rather well and Push Myself sounds a bit like Kick, Push, but the beat appears to be a new one produced by Gamble, and Quake does fine work describing how he had to pull a Cee-Lo ("get up, get out, and get something") to get motivated again.

The Storm is produced by Trife, not sure if it's Trife Da God of Theodore Unit fame, but it's a decent track with some sped up soul samples - plus Quake breaks out a shitstorm/Lahey reference as a nod to the now defunct Trailer Park Boys. And in case you are still skeptical about Quake's claim that he's committed to real hip hop, The Rap Up (1973-2000) runs down the history of hip hop, with a focus on the art of MC-ing. This is all info one could scope out from the internet (or through this amazing book), but the fact that he read up on all this stuff that happened way before he was born, and took the time to work it into a well thought out song, is worthy of a kudos in '09.

So there you have it, a fresh new mixtape from an FJHS alum, what more could you ask for a on Tuesday afternoon? Not much I would say.

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I would like to think that I instilled some of Archimdes' Principles in him...


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