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Records We Missed:: Moka Only - Carrots And Eggs

Moka Only's latest album (at least I believe it's still his latest, he might've released something new in the time it's taken me to type this - the man is a productive fellow) is a perfect candidate for this mea culpa-like section we call Records We Missed. I've had Carrots And Eggs since December I believe, but I'm just getting around to posting something on it now. But that's no reflection on the album's quality, I think it might be my favorite Moka effort to date, it's simply due to my old friends P&O; (procrastination and disorganization).

I'm not going to go into great detail in what Moka is all about. If you're new to the Durable Mammal, let's just say he's the busiest indie MC our country has ever seen, and he has the everyday-analysis lyric game on-lock tighter than anyone else you could name. Take a look back through his deep catalog, or check my review for his last album, Claptrap, if you are still in need of more Moka info. This here album is centered around the idea of Carrots and Eggs, and features Moka friends PSY and The Pride of Mount Uniacke (aka Buck 65) using their narration duties to discuss the merits of that combo. I have no idea what the significance of carrots and eggs is, maybe that unlikely combo's can produce some unexpected goodness at times?

Even if that's close to the meaning, there's nothing unlikely about pairing Moka's nimble, at times sing/song, or just sung, flow with his excellent organically electro production - that's usually a winning combo. Things get rolling a couple songs in with Hardly Say, which - features some, uhhh rolling, pianos and a rare guest shot (unlike every other MC, Moka tends to keeps his guests to a minimum - another detail that makes his output more impressive) from Bootie Brown. A Pharcyde cameo is always a welcome cameo I say. Felt Before is a classic Moka track, with a solid drum loop that's augmented with guitar licks and other atmospherics, with Moka's trademark croon providing the hook. An ode to those glossy publications that are being rudely elbowed into irrelevance by this kind of thing you're reading right now (except we don't have pics of "Will.I.Am rocking all the latest plaids") isn't your average rap song fodder, but Magazines is the kind of thing Moka's known for.

Starfish is the lead single from the album, and it's a swoony one for the ladies, but the big, fuzzy synths on the beat can grab the fellas' attention too. Usually Moka keeps things short & sweet, but The Door is one of the longer songs on the album. It starts as kind of a slow thumper with samples of a dude beating on a door, but halfway through, the beat switches to one of the better ones on here, the pace picks up, and there's a nice synth twinkle and horn mix. Sadat X is popping up everywhere these days, I think we could get him to do a verse on our record, if we rapped or had something akin to a record. I am not complaining mind, the more Sadat X the better in my humble opinion. Anyway, The New Era B-Boy Pockets is a floaty track that features Moka and Sadat wondering where they fit in today's uber-flossy rap game. I Mean Biznizz not only has a chorus that brings back pleasant D.O.C. memories, but it also has one of the harder knocking beats on the album. Does your life have a hole in it about the size of an instrumental track about salt? Well then Salt should complete you.

Last time I reviewed one of Moka's albums, I tried to snazz things up with a semi-forced simile-type idea that compared a Moka album to autumn. Well I'm not going to try anything that grandiose this time, I'm simply going to say that Carrots and Eggs is a perfect album tp bump in your headphones as you trudge through a frigid February day. There's a warmth in Moka's style, and that comes through on these songs more than ever - uh oh, it feels like I'm getting a little grandiose here, so just go get yourself some Carrots & Eggs and see for yourself.


Moka Only - Starfish

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At 5:50 PM, Blogger ak did sayeth:

Thanks for the review. I, too, have had this album since December and just haven't gotten around to listening to it. I think I'll remedy that now.


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