Monday, February 9, 2009

Stingray of the Day:: Down the Lees - Talk Is Not Cheap

Shane and I have been bouncing around an idea to help keep the content flowing on herohill. We’ve always prided ourselves on the fact we don’t simply link PR releases or plug the hottest bands, but being a two man shop, it’s hard to talk about every band we want to talk about. Even considering the fact we are 95% Canadian content and we ignore most of the stuff sent our way, there is still waaaay too much quality music to write a novella about each record that catches our ear.

I guess that is why we've started a new test project, the herohill - Stingray of the Day. With a title like that, we owe you an explanation. The Mad Foxes – Stingray 2 is probably the worst movie ever made, but it’s a herohill classic. We watched it years ago and still quote it now for some reason. Long story short, this film is about a bunch of terrible bikers basically run a muck, killing or sexing everyone in site. The flick is a slight 77 minutes, but after you are done, you feel like you’ve watched The Godfather... 3... 3 times... in a row.

But, the reason it has stuck around is the memorable quote from the old drunk in the bar, who toasts himself with the line, “Here’s to me. The best there is.” So, like Mad Foxes, we want to praise the best there is… in our inbox each and every day.

To launch the project, here’s an absolutely fantastic track from Vancouver based Down the Lees. Lauralee Schultz has been making music for a long time and after years of playing with bands like Queazy, New Years Resolution and the Skinjobs, it's pretty obvious she has the creds to venture in any musical direction whenever she wants.

Her latest endeavor, Down the Lees, is a downtempo electro project that strips out any of the unnecessary blips and bleeps, and focuses on pulse like beats that surges through your body. Talk Is Not Cheap meshes her restrained programming with Lyn Heinmann’s (Portico) guitar and as the duo sings about a lost friendship, the song builds and builds and you feel LL's regret, but more importantly you feel like you are a part of the camaraderie these two artists share.

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