Thursday, March 26, 2009

Contests:: Win Joel Plaskett's Three - Part Three

So, we’ve reach the final installment of our Joel Plaskett trivia/review effort for the release of Three. Remarkably, the third installment offers up yet another side of Joel, one with a more AM radio feel. The songs take on a more classic feel - avoiding the back beat and horns that push One and the homesickness and loneliness of Two - and showcase Joel’s Nova Scotia pride, but more so than the other collections of Three, this record pushes past the confines of New Scotland and starts to sound like the country we call home.

In theory, all three records can stand on their own, but the shared vocalists and guitar sound really let Joel tie them together nicely. And while they should be looked at as a complete package, I think the final record will be the one embraced by the most fans. Rewind, Rewind, Rewind starts the disk, and sets a playful tone. The bending steel helps Joel look back, but Ana’s vocals and a bouncy piano keep the nostalgic sepia tones from turn into regret and flow nicely into Precious, Precious, Precious. The song bounces along like the back seat of a car cruising down a long dirt road and a sun kissed sparkle starts to shine on the quick hitting ditty. Deny, Deny, Deny benefits from some nice fiddle and lets Joel expose some tried and true Maritime folk chops.

The album closer, On & On & On, offers up some of the most honest words I've heard on record in quite some time. The 12-minute epic shows Joel seeing parts of his parents and his hometown as crucial parts of who he is, missing the people who have come and gone, and as more and more high schoolers forge fake connections through facebook, it's refreshing to hear someone admit that spending two hours listening to him sing every couple of years isn't what a friendship is based on.

But for me, the standout number on the last disc is the Tom Petty/Traveling Wilbury’s feel he creates on One Look. You don’t set out on a 27 song collection without hoping to leave a mark - and the fact that Joel mentions his age a few times, makes you wonder if he's started to take stockof his life - and One Look (and to be fair, Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ could be received just as well) is the type of song that people will be singing years from now, knowing that no matter how music changes, certain songs and certain sounds never go out of style.

So here are the three questions you need to answer to be entered to win a copy of Joel's record:
Q1) What is the name of Joel's new record label?
Q2) What is the name of the Halifax neighborhood Joel spent his teen years in?
Q3) Name two of the artists featured in the Joel Plaskett curated single series? Hint. They are listed on his label's webpage.

To enter, just send an email with your contact info and the answers to herohill AT gmail DOT COM


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