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Old School Mondays:: Monster TV Rap Hits Edition

All right, the inspiration for this week's OSM comes from hill alumnus Mario "Mr. E" Eleftheros' comment/request from last week's DJ Quik-themed edition. He had a number of groups he wanted to see covered, and while some will never happen (Le Boyfriend - if you're of the Canuckian persuasion, and watched Rapcity or Da Mix or X-tendamix, you might know who this is, and no further explanation is required), there are some I just can't find (Devon - seriously, if anyone has an MP3 copy of Mr. Metro, like perhaps if you are Devon and landed here via googling yourself, send it my way please). He did have a couple great suggestions though, one being Black By Demand - a group I knew I recognized, but couldn't quite place.

Well, with some assistance from DJ Google, I quickly figured it out. Black By Demand had a song on a compilation tape I had (who am I kidding, I still have it), the awesomely named Monster TV Rap Hits. Now with a name like that, you wouldn't be wrong to expect the suckage, but this came out in '89, and you need to remember that everything was better in the golden age, even stupidly named hip hop compilations. But look at the lineup, there's classic tracks from Digital Underground, NWA (the completely classic solo Ren If It Ain't Ruff - sooooo good that is), Eazy, Rob Base, De La, Stet, Mix-A-Lot, Kid & Play, and BDP. It was put out by classic old school label Tommy Boy, so I guess it's not surprising that they didn't pick lameness (Yes, (MC) Hammer is on there, but they even picked an underground Hammer jam Pump It Up (Here's The News), and yes, Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Smith are there, but even though I owned none of their albums, you cannot front on the goodness of Brand New Funk).

But along with all those '89 heavyweights, they also included some classic lesser names like Uptown, Freshco, Too Poetic, and yes, Black By Demand. I think it is likely that all of those cats were on Tommy Boy at the time, but they're all old school underground icons for one reason or another, so I'm not mad at T-Boy for putting them on there - quite the opposite in fact.

So I remembered that I loved the Black By Demand song on this tape, Can't Get Enough and played the bejebus out of it back in the day. The best is, I now realize the song was mislabeled and it's actually All Rappers Give Up, the b-side of the 12" for Can't Get Enough. Well it matters little, it's still a great jam, and now you can check it for yourself.

I also loved the tracks by Uptown and Too Poetic (RIP). Of course I'm sure most people know Poetic from his work with the Gravediggaz, and his tragic death from cancer in 2001. He's a fantastic MC though, his voice was great, and he had a real style about his delivery. This song was always a favorite, really a shame he didn't get to do more solo work. Uptown was an MC from uhhh, uptown, and he released one classic 12", Dope On Plastic before working with Branford Marsalis in that whole Buckshot LeFonque (Yes, that whole Breakfast at Denny's thing). Anyway, the jam here It's My Turn has some killer horns, and it showcases Uptown's slightly nasal voice and aggressive rhyming skills, it's great stuff.

If you asked for more out of this post, I would label you a greedy so and so, but because I'm just such a giving person, I'm coming with more. I couple bonus tracks from the more well-known acts on this comp. The way awesome "World To World " remix of Rob Base's Joy and Pain, which I always loved, and features Rob getting busy with his main man Omar Chandler. Also, I'm including Brand New Funk, as it may be the only time I'll ever post a DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Smith song, and Jeff deserves some shine I would say. Oh wow, Will Smith played Ali in the movie, did you know DJ Jazzy Jeff is crediting with popularizing the transformer scratch? Yeah, exactly.


Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock - Joy And Pain

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Brand New Funk

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