Monday, March 2, 2009

Old School Mondays:: Outkast & Goodie Mob

All right, we've got a pretty straightforward OSM for you on this, the first Monday in March (lamb or lion where you are?). But it is Outkast after all, so I'm sure you'll forgive me for not being the most creative with this one. The impetus comes from my review of Quake's mixtape from last week where I referenced Outkast's Git Up, Git Out from their debut Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. I've mentioned my fondness for that song on the site before, so I thought it was high time it got its own OSM mention.

I think most people think of the flossy Player's Ball when they think of Andre & Big Boi's first record, and although that is a great song, for me it's the Cee-Lo assisted Git Up, Git Out that always comes to mind. It's really kind of a simple song, a straightforward yet catchy beat with snappy drums and horn stabs serves as a backdrop for Cee-Lo, the two Andre's, and fellow Goodie Bigg Gipp (I think?) to take turns talking about doing for self. I still love Cee-Lo's lead-off verse the most, but Big Boi does a fine job too: "Get up, stand up, so what's said, you dickhead, see when I was a youngster I used to wear them fuckin' Pro-Keds" - a solid opening line right there. I totally forget that the album version of this song was over seven minutes long, but that's just further proof that I enjoyed it a great deal - lost all track of time when it was on.

It's a great song, made even better, I think, because the message is so genuine. You have to remember how young the two Andre's were at the time that this album came out, and so they themselves, and guys they knew, were likely going through some of the things they were talking about. It was the kind of song that suggested that Outkast as the kind of duo that had more than strictly hustling on their minds, although I don't think anyone could have predicted where their career would take them.

Cee-Lo's presence would likely be enough to justify the inclusion of a Goodie Mob song, but I also had a heads up last week about the latest project from another Goodie. Willie Isz is(z? sorry) the duo of rapper/producer Jneiro Jarel and Khujo Goodie. I don't know much about them at this point, but it looks kind of interesting, and we might have more from them on the hill at some point. So here you go, the Goodie Mob classic Cell Therapy, along with two Outkast classics.

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At 11:48 AM, Blogger Truth About It did sayeth:

Nice post...and I think most Outkast heads such as myself will agree with you that 'Git Up, Git Out' is the best song on that first album ('Crumblin' Erb' ain't bad either).

But for a real classic Dungeon Fam song, you really can't beat Andre 3000s verse on 'Thought Process' off Goodie Mob's Soul Food album.


At 11:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

During the hey ya phase. I was shocked at how many people had never heard Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik!

I saw this video the other day. Watching that really takes you back.


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