Thursday, March 5, 2009

Quick Hitters:: An Horse

Hot damn we get a lot of albums from Australia. Well they aren't actually sent all the way from Australia, but from PR companies for the Aussie bands. Although I should say, if you do send your album all the way from Oz, I'll likely be guilted into posting on it (but I'm going to digress here, and make sure my address stays under wraps so I don't get deluged by Men At Work cover bands - as awesome as that would be). I don't have any science to back this up, it just seems like an in-ordinate amount of the albums we're physically sent are from the land down under.

I wonder if there are Australian bloggers saying "Crikey! We get a lot of albums from Canada!". I hope so, mainly because I like the thought of Aussies yelling Crikey! on a regular basis. ANYWAY, the latest album we received was from Brisbane two-piece An Horse. As shocking as it might be to reveal, a lot of the time it takes a while before we get around to listening to some albums we're sent out of the blue. But there was just something charming about An Horse's biography that lured me in:

It is not because Kate is the size of jockey or because Damon was once kicked by a goat that An Horse bears its name. There's no sense in that. A friend once gave Kate a sweater with An Horse written on it because he thought it was grammatically correct. It wasn't and that was quite a long time ago but Kate still wears the sweater. She hasn't grown in years. Damon still remembers the goat like it was yesterday.

Well it's lucky for me that Kate Cooper and Damon Cox wrote themselves a quirk-ily enjoyable bio, because I've been through Rearrange Beds a few times now, and I think it's pretty great. It is ten peppy rock songs that are yanked along by the scruff of their neck by pounding drums and Kate's vocals, which are cute & catchy, with a touch of aggression added for good measure. Songs like Camp Out, Postcards, Little Little Little and especially Horizons are as addictive as anything I've heard lately, and will bring me back to this album again I'd say.

I was enjoying Rearrange Beds so much that I had to go back and see what information we were sent for An Horse. It turns out Sara Quin brought the group to their current label, but the Canadian connections don't end there. Not only are An Horse doing a number of shows in Canada this month, but they're also doing a few shows at the end of the month with Halifax heroes Wintersleep. So there you go - the album comes out March 17th, I'd check it out if I were you. And keep your music eye on Australia, lot of bands coming out of there.


An Horse Interview with Sara Quin

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