Monday, March 30, 2009

Quick Hitters:: The Papertiger Sound

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When we first talked about Ker, it was behind the strength of the beautiful, stripped down track If You Stayed we included on our New Brunswick Mixtape. The song was built with a gentle picked acoustic, some heartache filled harmonies and little else. So when Kerstin Wilson reached out and told us about another project, I expected something in the some pocket.

Boy was I wrong.

The Papertiger Sound is a rather slick sounding collaboration with Dan Gelder that shimmers instead of creaking. The two met when Ker lived across the pond, and thanks to the power of the internet they've continued to write songs together even though Wilson has returned to Canada.

Their latest EP - tiny robot love ā€“ is full of synths and computer blips meshed with acoustic riffs and the whole project has a definite anglophile sound more apt for smoky clubs than intimate bedrooms. The duo uses atmospheric slow builds and subtle chimes to create dream like hazes, but somehow keeps the whole effort grounded.

This EP is a precursor to the full-length The Papertiger Sound is working on, but considering the 5 songs will cost you absolutely nothing, Iā€™d suggest you take the time to listen.

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