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When we first stumbled upon The Liptonians, it was courtesy of the bouncing piano pop track Charlie’s Back. That song was one of the last entries on our Manitoba mixtape and after soaking in the shimmering piano ditty, we waited patiently for the band to send over their self-titled release. I kind of expected a collection of twinkled ivories, boomed horns and energy that topped the meter, and while the instruments that make up the tracks are pretty consistent, the record is more subdued and measured.

The majority of the record plays to the grays in life; internalization, heartbreak, and melancholy but The Liptonians never let the record fall into the rut of sadness. Front man Matt Schellenberg and multi-instrumentalist Bucky Driedger drive this Winnipeg based band, but get tons of support from some talented friends and splice in horns, bass, and a myriad of noise makers and backing singers. They take the time to kick start slow movers like Write Your Name in the Sand and Twenty Dollars with blasts of guitar, distortion, but are just as successful when they let a sad sorry speak for itself (on the rootsy Our Better Days) or venture into quirky numbers like Miss Unaffected.

If you heard Charlie’s Back! and rushed out to get your fill of piano pop, you might be caught off guard by this record, but really, the strength of the band is the subtleties and a mature confidence. Instead of songs that jump out of the speakers, you are treated to a collection of songs that are consistently enjoyable. The Liptonians opt not to overreach for those soaring heights, and as a result never stumble into unrecoverable lows and give the listener eleven solid tracks.



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