Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reviews:: The Lodge Take That Devil


Right now, hundreds of angry bloggers are collectively losing their shit because the hype machine is only posting the Top 100 blogs on the front page of the site. There are screams for equality and demands for a revolution. In reality, most of the people that visit herohill from stay for exactly one second... just long enough to download the track and move on, so while we might miss the traffic, I don't think we'd lose any of our audience.

It’s no secret that 95% of the shit we post on is never going to be popular or embraced by the masses – but if playing fields were equal a post on Halifax’s newest super group, The Lodge, would get us as much traffic as a 7 year old Outkast song. The Lodge is a classic indie rock outfit comprised of some of the seasoned vets of the Hali scene: Mike O’Neil (The Inbreds), Charles Austin (Superfriendz), Cliff Gibb (Thrush Hermit) and Andrew Glencross (Neuseiland and The Euphonic).

I could try to come up with a fresh description of their sound, but when Shane talked about them last year, he hit the nail on the head:

“One chunk, riff filled rocker after another.”

I hesitate to call The Lodge a throw-back, but hot damn does Take That Devil make you remember what music was all about back in the day. For the most part, it’s nothing more than guitar, bass and drums pummeling you for nine songs. Andrew turns his bass up loud enough for everyone to hear – something that seems to be passé these days – and the infectious melodies just warm your heart as they fill your ears.

The record explodes out of the gate like a musical Usain Bolt. World in Me is a heavy, melodic guitar driven track, but Cliff’s drum work really fills out the track. O’Neil’s always been a charismatic vocalist, and even with all the noise going on around him, you can’t help but focus in on what he’s got to say. But they are far from a one-trick pony, as the quartet plays with tempo nicely. Thaw Me Out, Vortex and She’s a Lightbulb (how awesome is the Robert Goulet-like run he adds at the 2:23 mark) showcase a softer side without losing any of the intensity you get from a quick-hitting, garage rocker like Hey, Kids.

Ultimately though, the band saves the best for last as the last third of the record is unstoppable. What Are We Hear For is simply put, sonic bliss and Your Theology is honestly one of the best songs I’ve heard all year. Those 6 minutes would demand repeat listening, if it weren’t for the fact the crunch of Forget the Silence is just as good as its predecessors and waits impatiently in the wings. We’ve already seen the release of some great Halifax recordings – Jenn Grant, Joel Plaskett’s record is almost out the door and is stellar – but The Lodge has drawn a line in the sand, daring local acts to cross it.

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At 11:46 AM, Blogger Jon Wolf did sayeth:

Hells yes! This rocks, wish there was more of this actual "rock" sound in "indie rock" and not so much synthy/shoegaze, but it all comes around and I'm sure it will be back in a year or two, either way, reminds me of Queens of the Stoneage, and I mean that in the best way, great post, thank you!


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