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Reviews:: Mike Evin Good Watermelon

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Somewhere between Ben Folds and Schoolhouse Rocks lies Montreal’s Mike Evin. While it might sound like a throw away comparison to mention any pop piano tunesmith in the same breath as Mr. Folds, I don’t mean that Evin necessarily sounds like Ben (although at times he does). No, it's the way Evin and Folds share the same ability to maintain that delicate balance between accessibility, wit, child like whimsy and sincere honesty.

That honestly is exemplified by the spontaneous recording of Good Watermelon (out on Just Friends on April 14th). Mike and his friends – including Montreal’s Ideal Lovers, Angela Desveaux, Andy Creeggan and Emma Baxter – jammed into a studio and let er rip. His live to tape sound is laced with shouts, claps, ramshackle noises and most importantly, happiness. Mike’s performance isn’t controlled by studio magic and precisions. You can feel his heart and soul soul when he and his friends break into jams Piano Top or Should We Dance, but if you didn’t believe in what Mike was singing, a simple story about Good Watermelon would seem hokey and tender ballads like Goodnight Crickets, Me and My Love would seem contrived.

Instead, you let Evin’s spirit encompass the room and just enjoy his songs for what they are. Whether he’s singing about a childhood family trip or deconstructing a pop song, you just let go and listen. The songs somehow feel intimate, like a private conversation, but also make you want to sing-along and when it comes to being a charismatic piano man, in my opinion, that’s what it’s all about.


Mike Evin - Great Pop Song
Good Watermelon (backyard jammy jam)

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