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Reviews:: Z-Ro - Crack

As far as my blogging persona goes, I am nothing if not a righter of wrongs. I'm always scanning the cyber music scene to see if there's anything I can fix with a few pithy quips, and if there is, I'm on it like a shot. Well that might not be exactly true, but if there's ever an instance where I'm the one who's wronged someone, well then I do like to try and make amends. So that, in case you were wondering, is why I'm writing about Houston rapper Z-Ro's last album.

Very few posts on the hill have been as controversial as the the last one I wrote about Z-Ro. Actually, I'm not sure controversial is the right word, as opinion amongst the ten commenters who have chimed in since it went up in '06 is unanimous: I am a hating punk of the Caucasoid persuasion. I have to say, I like the dude that called me out for recognizing the "Memory Bliss" and "Love Is A Battlefield" beats: "U a Faggot cus you cuaght them beats right away U must be a white folk fo' hatin' on the realest and bests rapper alive". Funny stuff, and guilty as charged my friend.

While I can't really disagree with that sentiment, as the post was really a poorly-done, cheap attempt at some laughs, I do think the number of comments it generated is mighty impressive. We have over two thousand posts on the hill, and our average comments per post must be somewhere around 0.00037, so if ten people took the time to not only read the full review, but leave a comment calling me a bitch ass, then surely I've sold Z-Ro short.

So then, let's delve into Z's release from last fall, Crack, and find some positives shall we? I have to say, things get off to an unexpectedly good start, as the Crack Intro uses a fun little twinkly beat that actually works quite well for Z-Ro, as he breaks down where he's at right now and why his new album is like audio crack. Here We Go features Mike D, and I was kind of hopping that this was featuring this Mike D (that also outs me as a cracker, I realize this), but it is not. Unfortunately this one reinforces the hasty opinion I formed about Z-Ro last time, as it appears to be mainly about possessing large amounts of coke. That said, I can understand it, as someone like Z-Ro does have a pretty hardcore fan base, and this is the kind of thing they want to hear.

For me though, I'd rather get behind an ingenious jam like If That's How You Feel: a song for the club about how Z doesn't dance. Finally something from Z-Ro that I can relate to. The track has some pretty funky horns, and I can relate to that too. Z-Ro shows his pensive side on The Mo City Don, an atmospheric track comprised of strings, handclaps & organs, which serves as the backdrop for Z-Ro to talk a bit about how he'd rather just roll and do his thing instead of having to blast fools. Top Notch, on the other hand, just has the swing you look for in that Texas hip hop, when it has bounce like this I don't even care what Ro's rapping about.

I can also relate to Rollin', a nice track about Z-Ro's come up from a yellow Cutlass to the fly ride he has now. Why you ask? Well guess what my first car was? If you guessed a gold Cutlass Ciera, you are correct. I think You is probably the best example of why so many people claim Z-Ro is more than a "gangster" rapper. It's good look at how folks need to take responsibility for themselves, and he does a good job with it: "that's you, that's going to end up in the funeral home, you bobbin' your head but I know you can't stand this song". The end of the album also satisfies two questions I've been pondering lately: 1) Is Paul Wall still alive? Yes, Eyes On Paper proves this. 2) Does anyone have a nine minute chopped & screwed song on their album? Yes, 25 Lighters proves this.

So there you go, yer man Naedoo with a positive Z-Ro review, let's hope this is the one that Google brings people to in the future. And here's to no more Z-Ro related hater comments, WHOO Z-Ro, king of the ghetto!

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