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It’s been a while since I posted on a Sunday, but I spent most of yesterday painting and running, so I had some extra time listening to music that was passed along. One record that kept resurfacing was Stereo Stereo from The Peptides.

One look at the Gatineau based band’s album cover and web site hammers home a distinct vibe: retro cool. Naturally, you might expect to be transported to a vintage listening room and bombarded with psychedelic sounds and choreographed dance routines. But when you really sit down and listen, you see that The Peptides sounds are much more complex.

Sure, the still drift into dreamy sound scapes and the female vocals, piano and horns that dominate Devine Design stay in the swanky comforts you’d expect, but for me things really start to get interesting when they slow it down. So Slow creeps along, daring you to turn away as Claude and Pam use only some simple strums, harmonies and some chimes to grab your ear. The emotions drips from the track, but so does a confidence that builds throughout the song. They completely erase any of that kitsch you keep expecting to surface and supplant it with honest emotion (just listen to their slowed down, dark, take on Lennon‘s Jealous Guy).

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