Concert notes:: Elliott Brood, Jon McKiel, The Burning Hell, Michou, oh my

It’s one of those times that is bordering on an embarrassment of riches when it comes to shows in Halifax. I mean, we don’t have people like Death Cab streaming into the Ocean Playground (wait.. scratch that), but we have some terrific National touring acts making an appearance in our fair city.

First and foremost: Elliott f&cking Brood. These cow-punking, deathbillies will blow the roof of of the new Paragon on April 24th – that I guarantee. Their new album – Mountain Meadows (review) - made our Best-of List last year and as good as they are on record, they are 100X better live. Throw in Jon McKiel (review) as an opener, and this everyone should be hitting up.

Fighting neck and neck for top honors is the smorgasbord of talent and styles invading Gus’ Pub on April 11th. Headlining is The Burning Hell, and you’d never expect a uke driven outfit to pack in the crowd or turn up the energy, but that’s what these Peterborough natives do. Their new record – Baby (review) – is stellar.

Coming with them? Well, you have Windsor ambient, indie folkers Michou. I’m new to their sound, but hot damn, it shows potential. They have all the gentle touch of a terrific folk band, but the melodies are poppy and beautiful. I can’t shake how the lead vocalist (Mike) sounds a bit like Ben Gibbard – on Control when he drops “I’m getting the message in Morse code” you cna’t help but make those type of favorable observations- but I’m not sure that is the comparison or style these guys want. Instead of driving pop anthems, Michou prefers a mellow, intricate collage of sounds, one that slowly burns into your heart.

Also on the bill are Weird Weather – a band I’ve never heard of, but the quick scan of the myspace shows these folk rockers should be a nice treat – and the pride of Port Greville, Construction & Destruction.

Oh… and did I mention that Hot Panda and Horses are playing in May? How about Timber Timbre and The Weather Station? Well, I did now.



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