Friday, April 24, 2009

News:: The Cansecos on tour

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It’s not very often I pine for big city life these days. The hill has set up camp here in Halifax and the familiar smell of the Atlantic and slower pace of life fits around us like a snuggly. That being said, baseball season is in full swing and there were a few days in Toronto that were guaranteed to attract the hill. One was Opening Day - atta boy Roy! - and the other was the first series between Texas and the Jays.

Being a Texas fan, baseball has been tough sledding lately. First the A-Roid years, then overspending and finally gradual acceptance of our second tier status. One hundred and sixty-two games is far too long when you are out of the running by the end of May. Of course, when it comes to the Rangers, you are instantly hit with two vivid memories.

One, natch, is Nolan Ryan giving Robin Ventura a knuckle shampoo. It was roughly the sports equivalent of Bender acting up and Principle Vernon putting him in his place. The other, is the classic image of lovable, roided out turncoat Jose Canseco getting capped in the mellon on a fly ball and it bouncing over the wall for a tater. Canseco, was and always will be awesome for his basic goofy moronic, mashing style so when I found out that a TO band took inspiration from the man I was all over it.

The Cansecos have been grinding it out for a few years and a few under appreciated records. I loved me some Juices! (review) and was actually more of a fan of their self-titled debut. Sadly that review got lost in the migration shuffle – which, to be honest is only one Fridge and a Willie Gault short of a Superbowl Shuffle. So, why am I telling you any of this? Well, probably because the TO band has a few shows with Edmonton electro ninjas, Shout Out Out Out Out (review) and sent over a solid remix of Raised By Wolves to entice you all to head to the shows. Sure, you might have grabbed it illegally or bought the Juices! remix record... but now, you can download it guilt free.

Tour Dates

April 25 – Toronto – Lee’s Palace
April 27 – London – Call The Office
April 28 – Kitchener – Starlite Lounge
April 29 – Ottawa – Babylon
April 30 – Montreal – La Sala Ross

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