Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Quick Hitters:: The Slate Pacific - Safe Passage

Everyone knows someone from their youth who didn't "make it" for one reason or another. Whether it's in a literal sense like death or illness robbing someone of their future, or something like drugs, crime or ambivalence doing the same, everyone can likely think of someone. This idea is what came to mind when listening to Thirteen Kinds of Chemicals, the opening song on Safe Passage, the new EP from The Slate Pacific.

In case you think I'm reading too much into that song (something well within the realm of possibility), the fact that there's also a song about the more dire of the scenarios in the above paragraph, Jen's Not Going To Make It, suggests that it's a topic that The Slate Pacific's main songwriter Logan Hawkes has spent some time contemplating (hawk-eyed, hill super-fans will recognize Jen's Not Going to Make It as the lead-off from our NB mixtape).

The Slate Pacific traces it's origin back to an acoustic outlet for Hawkes' songs, but they are now a full-fledged band featuring some of the more active members of the New Brunswick music scene (from bands like Share, Force Fields, and The Names and Faces). I can't say I've heard any of Slate Pacific's previous work, but for me, the full band gives the songs a power they might not have otherwise. The juxtaposition of the heavy subject matter of songs like the aforementioned Thirteen Kinds of Chemicals and Jen's Not Going to Make It with the lush sounds of the backing tracks is a winning combo in my books. Even the uptempo songs like OEC have more of a steady, slow burn feel, and the experienced hands help maintain this atmosphere as well.

As a debut release, I think Safe Passage does a great job of introducing the band. The songs are heartfelt, well-written, and make for an engaging listen. I'm interested in seeing what's next for this New Brunswick five piece.

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