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herohill / music nova scotia artist of the month:: Share

Some big changes here on the hill. For those of you that hit us up on feedburner, you can't see the lovely new design we are sporting (logo courtesy of Jenn Hughes) but trust us, it's there. We busted out a new colour scheme to fit her logo and made listening to the MP3s a bit easier for y'all, but more importantly we have some great new focal pieces for our East Coast readers.

We will slowly be adding a shows calendar, (rant) because heaven forbid any of the venues here could keep an accurate listing. I'm no marketing expert, but I'd think if I opened up a club and needed people to show up and buy drinks and pay cover, I'd at least want to have a web site that told people who was playing?(end rant) We've also thrown together a collection of links for anyone looking for even more info the bands we cover and the venues we see them play.

But most importantly, we are teaming up with Music Nova Scotia to promote local acts. Every month we are going to work with the good people at MNS to select a band, and feature them on herohill for a month in an attempt to showcase the band to a larger audience.

So, without further ado... the first herohill/Music Nova Scotia band of the month is:

Band: Share
Members:: Andrew Sisk (vocals, guitar), Nick Cobham (guitar, vocals), Kyle Cunjak (bass, vocals), Dennis Goodwin (synth, guitar) and Zach Atkinson (drums)
Discography:: Ukulele Tragic (2005), Pedestrian 2007(), Slumping in your Murals (2009)

MP3:: Share - Date & Time

Share – driven by front man Andrew Sisk – has been putting out quality music for years, but with the upcoming release of Slumping in Your Murals (Aug 14/2009) the quintet might finally get the credit their songs deserve. Slumping in Your Murals explores a bigger sound, but still offers up the folky intimacy the band is known for around the East Coast. That’s probably because for the first time, Share is a band not just a recording session to document Sisk’s songs. The band took the time to write together, holing up with Dan Ledwell in a farmhouse and the recording really captures the spontaneous feel of fleshing out ideas whenever they surfaced.

Since the new record isn't coming out until August so we are going to hold off on the full review (spoiler - the duet with Jenn Grant will knock your socks off), but the guys have graciously offered us a sneak preview of the opening track - Date & Time for you to check out. Long story short, the band has progressed so much since we saw them at HPX'07 and they way they experiment with more challenging arrangements is fantastic.

Much like the subject matter they prefer, Share is fixing to leave the comforts of our friendly region with a quick jaunt overseas, followed by a cross Canada tour with Grand Theft Bus and The Olympic Symphonium via train - VIA Rail represent. Be sure to check them out when they stop in your town.

18 May 2009 The windmill (w/ Pit Er Pat) London (Brixton), London and South East
20 May 2009 The Slaughtered Lamb (with the Olympic Symphonium) London, London and South East
21 May 2009 Liverpool Sound City Liverpool, East
23 May 2009 The Cluny (The evolution Festival) Newcastle, Northeast
25 May 2009 The Duchess (w/ Teitur) York, Midlands
11 Jun 2009 Via Rail on board performance (trio) Moncton to Montreal train Moncton to Montreal, New Brunswick
12 Jun 2009 Green Room (with Snailhouse and Silver Starling) Montreal, Quebec
13 Jun 2009 Wally’s Guelph, Ontario
15 Jun 2009 The Cameron House (with Julie Fader) Toronto, Ontario
16 Jun 2009 Kingston, Ontario
17 Jun 2009 Mavericks (w/ GTB and The Olympic Symphonium) Ottawa, Ontario
18 Jun 2009 Clinton’s (NXNE) Toronto, Ontario
19 Jun 2009 Dickens (with GTB) Calgary, Alberta
20 Jun 2009 Canmore Hotel (with GTB) Canmore, Alberta
22 Jun 2009 The Rose and Crown (with GTB) Banff, Alberta
23 Jun 2009 Woody’s (with GTB) Kananaskis
24 Jun 2009 Edmonton, Alberta
25 Jun 2009 The Atha-B (with GTB) Jasper, British Columbia
26 Jun 2009 The Media Club (Vancouver Jazzfest) with GTB Vancouver
29 Jun 2009 Via Rail on board performance (trio) Vancouver to Toronto route Somewhere between Vancouver and Toronto
30 Jun 2009 Via Rail on board performance (trio) Vancouver to Toronto route Somewhere between Calgary and Winnepeg
1 Jul 2009 Via Rail on board performance (trio) Vancouver to Toronto route Somewhere between Winnepeg and Toronto
3 Jul 2009 Via Rail on board performance (trio) Montreal to Moncton route Somewhere between Montreal and Moncton

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At 9:12 PM, Anonymous Smansmith did sayeth:

Congrats on the Music Nova Scotia partnership! You will be running the East Coast in no time ;-)

I especially like your rant on an accurate local concert directory - I currently ping pong between 5 sites for here in Calgary. Good on ya.


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