Thursday, May 7, 2009

Quick Hitters:: Epic - Aging is What Friends Do Together

I've been meaning to talk about Epic here on the hill for a little while now. Well he's been featured on our Saskatchewan mixtape (although now I think he's left Saskatoon?), and I mentioned him whilst discussing Hand'Solo Records fine mixtape, but his most recent album, last year's Aging is What Friends Do Together is certainly worthy of it's own post.

That worthiness derives from the fact that Epic is about as unique an MC as you'll find. It's not his being thirty-plus, white, and having grown up idolizing golden age MC's (famous and otherwise) that make him unique, but rather his rhyming style. I described it thusly after hearing him on the aforementioned Hand'Solo mixtape:

Saskatoon's Epic is an endearing MC, if that's possible. He rhymes like a frail man who woke up from a coma 2 days ago, but he drops lines like "I'm a left-wing Canadian like Steve Shutt", which are hard not to enjoy.

I still think that's pretty apt, and, if I'm being honest, the first couple times I heard Epic I was not really feeling him. Or perhaps I was just puzzled by him. His voice is somewhat faint, his cadence feels forced at times, and he has some odd songs (odes to Ales Hemsky and sleeping shirts: perhaps not your obvious hip hop topics). But, the more Epic I heard, the more I came around on him, to the point now where I think his album is great. I almost feel now like there's a kind of genius to what he does. It's raw, clever, and heartfelt - trying to be something he's not, while a fairly common pastime in hip hop, is the farthest thing from Epic's mind.

The beats on this album are of the thumping, yet sombre, variety, but they are well done (some solid Canadian producers contributed: soso, Maki, Kutdown, Fresh Kils, Factor) and suit Epic's style well. There's no need for the beats to be outrageous anyway, as Epic's lyrics really are worth listening for. Whether it's the comical rap-zealotry of I Only Like Rap ("fuck Motley Crue, fuck Iron Maiden, fuck Sloan. This is Epic, I don't rock, I rap"), or the painful admissions on The City, you'll likely find yourself engrossed in Epic's stream of consciousness observations.

MP3:: Epic - The City (Factor Mix)

MP3:: Epic - Rhyming Into A Four Track f. Touch

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