Friday, May 29, 2009

Reviews:: Think About Life Family

When are you too old to start hitting the clubs? Twenty-five? Thirty? Thirty-five? Forty? (NOTE: these answers also apply to how old is too old to have a ponytail, fellas) If you are like me, your "standing in line at 1:30 AM, waiting to pay too much for drinks and feel like shit the next day" nights are over, but the new record from Think About Life will make you reconsider your answer. Not to get all High Fidelity on you, but Family is the perfect collection of synths, guitar, beats, vocals, samples and maturity to qualify as the poster child for "Dance Music for Old People."

Obviously, tracks like Having My Baby, Nueva Nueva and Johannah will find there way into almost any indie club this year and have peg-pants youngsters sweating through their neon, but more surprisingly, Think About Life is going to be the star of countless BBQs and commutes as well. Each and every song can be listened to in the passion and sweat of a club, but will never feel out of place if you listen at work, in the car or just for the sake of listening.

Between Martin Cesar’s mature vocal delivery and Graham Van Pelt’s masterful control of the organic elements they infuse into the tracks, they are able to run all over Matt Shane’s beats without overcrowding the effort. Even when GVP starts creating his blissful symphony on the funk-filled Set You on Fire, the heartbeat of the song still pulses clearly. It’s not surprising that the production has vastly improved on this effort - time and familiarity will do that, but the trio makes sure to never buff out the rough edges or shammy the songs to a glossy finish.

All you really need to know is that Family is fun, but the record is packed with enough substance to make it impossible for critics/hipsters to dismiss it. The hidden treasures – like the playful nod to the Temptations on The Veldt, the chipmunk vocals and clever samples or the sun-kiss juxtaposition that follows Cesar’s intro rap on Set You On Fire – give it a depth and playfulness you don’t get from other people working with the same sounds. Honestly, there isn't one song - nay - one note I'd change on this record. You can try to tell me I'm wrong, but Family is cranked so loud I probably won't hear you anyway.

MP3:: Think About Life - Johanna
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