Thursday, June 18, 2009

Band to Watch:: Valleys

With all the blogs out there and the myriad of PR folks willing to carpet bomb the internets with glowing praise for undiscovered acts, it’s almost impossible to find new bands that haven’t been blogged to death before they even play their first house party.

That’s why I’m shocked that people haven’t jumped all over the latest Semprini signing, Valleys. The label is home to one of last year's Polaris Long-List nominees (Pas Chic Chicreview) and usually that type of publicity guarantees some attention for any of the other acts, but up until a few days ago I hadn't even seen an email or press release hit the web about the band.

Label mates aside, more importantly, people should be all over this Montreal based band because they are making fantastic music. I’d like to call their sound lo-fi, ambient folk, but the distortion and thumping drums they use turn the intimate acoustic sketches into heavy, complete thoughts. The Beach House like vocals are often so frail, you think they’d break on the slightest touch, but the swirls, beats and strums provide more than enough support to carry the load.

I don’t want to go on and on, because a full review of Sometimes Water Kills People will be coming closer to the September release date. I know that seems like forever in blog years, but I wanted to get the band name out there, especially since they are hoping to make it into this year’s Pop Explosion and I hope this post might drum up some Halifax interest.

Thankfully, the label was kind enough to let us post The Heavy Dreamer here on herohill and I can't recommend it enough. The simple electronics and nostalgic, double vocals gives the track a late night chill, the kind that makes you tighten your collar and walk head down, but the guitar and drums force you to keep walking. I know you are probably thinking that routine has been done, but not only does Valleys execute the balancing act perfectly, they throw the listener a curveball by ending the track with a minute of crashing drums and distorted guitar that does it's best to push the attention away from the simple melody.

For any of our readers hitting NXNE this weekend, they are playing @ Rancho Relaxo tomorrow night.

MP3:: Valleys - The Heavy Dreamer

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