Thursday, June 25, 2009

BOX:: All-Canadian Edition Vol. 4

Well next week is Canada Day, and what better way to warm up for a celebration of our country's 142nd year than with a random rundown of Canadian hip hop songs? I can think of no better way, so I give you the 4th All-Canadian edition of BOX!

MP3:: Tona - Fast Pace f. Saukrates & T.R.A.C.K.S.

We opened the last All-Canadian version of BOX! with a track from Toronto MC Tona, and so why mess with success? Or better yet, why mess with a previous post you've just cut & pasted because you are lazy? Anyhoo, this smoothed out jam isn't exactly my steez, and I could do without the R&B; croonage on the hook, but it does have one big thing going for it: the presence of the under-appreciated Saukrates. That alone gets it a BOX! feature. I believe Tona's new album Direct Deposit is currently available, so if you like this, get that.

MP3:: Tru-Paz - Everyday Goes By

You can do a big ole ditto with the first couple sentences above for T.O. crew Tru-Paz, as they were also featured second last time out. But I don't mind, as it saves keystrokes, plus this reggae-influenced trio brings the positive vibes, and this piano-laced track is no exception. Get their Urbnet released Young Nation EP if this is your bag.

MP3:: Miles Jones - Never Too Late Remix f. Classified

I first heard Miles Jones' name as one of the openers for KRS-One's Halifax show, but I had no idea who he was, and a late arrival to that show meant that remained the case until checking out this here song. Miles is a triple-threat (DJ/Producer/MC) who calls Toronto home, but this song finds him wearing only his MC hat, as the very excellent Black Milk handled production duties for this one. It's a very solid song at that, the beat has Milk's trademark kick, and the Jones is a decent MC. And any remix that features the best MC in Enfield is always going to curry favour with us in Halifax, so I give this a classic THD Thumbs Up.

MP3:: Midas Gold f Roach Uno (Wonder remix)

MP3:: Louwop - Journey f. Roach Uno & Theology 3

I know of Roach Uno through his association with Louwop, who likely qualifies as a hill fave, and if Lou recommends someone, I'll have a listen. Like Lou, Roach is a proponent of that no-nonsense, true school hip hop that you have to look way to hard for these days. I have no idea where the first song above is from, but I dig the beatbox inspired beat, and Roach blesses it with a solid, understated flow. Good stuff. I've posted the second song before, as Louwop sent it a while ago, but I'm re-posting it because Roach has a verse and I like the video they did for it and have been meaning to post that, so check it below.

MP3:: D.O. - Bully

I know D.O. (aka Defy the Odds) as part of Toronto's preeminent rap-house outfit Art of Fresh, but he's also an MC with solo aspirations, and this song comes from his new album, Stay Driven. It's got a knocking beat produced by Toronto expat Marco Polo and is a brief storytelling jam about the rather extreme consequences high school bullying can have. I have limited knowledge on what D.O. is about, but he seems to be a rather upstanding young man who's working hard and making an effort to focus on positive things with his songs. So if you like this, I'd suggest you him out further.

Bonus Time:

MP3:: Marco Polo & Torae - Hold Up f. Masta Ace & Sean Price

As mentioned, Marco Polo is Canadian, so this counts. And it's pretty awesome, deal with it.

Video:: Louwop feat. Theo3 & Roach Uno - Journey

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