Monday, June 15, 2009

Old School Mondays:: K-Solo (Telling The World His Name Edition)

Bucking a recent trend, I found it rather easy to come up with the subject for this week's OSM. In last week's Video Hits segment, I made mention of Grand Analog's Odario Williams using some lyrics that seemed to reference the classic K-Solo's jam, Your Mom's In My Business. Well, since I always liked K-Solo (both of his albums are in my cassette collection), and a quick search of the hill revealed a lack of K-Solo content, this one became a gimme.

If you are at all into hip hop from the early 90's, then certainly you've heard K-Solo's Spellbound, his ode to the art or spellin' and rhymin'. It's a great song, and I always thought it was one of the better rap gimmicks ever utilized, and I said as much in my top hip hop gimmicks post from a couple of years ago. What I didn't know about K-Solo was that he had a long-running beef with DMX over who stole their style from who, and who originally had the idea for Spellbound. Seems like an awesome thing to argue over, but regardless of the truth, my loyalty would always be with Solo.

But if you don't know the deal with K-Solo, he was EPMD affiliated from way back (he's a Long Islander, like Erick & Parish), and he was an original Hit Squad member. His name stands for Kevin Self-Organization Left Others, and his rugged rhyme style was really rather enjoyable. For me anyway, and his debut album, Tell The World My Name, likely didn't get enough credit for how solid it was. The two big songs were the ones I've mentioned, Spellbound and Your Mom's in My Business,s so I'm posting those, but there plenty of other good moments too, like Rockin' For My Hometown, Speed Blocks, and Fugitive. Enjoy.

MP3:: K-Solo - Spellbound

MP3:: K-Solo - Your Mom S in My Business

Video:: K-Solo - Spellbound

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At 8:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

Got one for you....The Intelligent of the best names in the biz...



At 9:04 PM, Blogger naedoo did sayeth:

And considering he then changed his name to Tragedy Khadafi, he was into the crazy names.

But that is a good call, I'll add him to the todo list for sure.


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