Thursday, June 11, 2009

Reviews:: Ohbijou Beacons

I remember the first day I landed in NY like it was yesterday. Three clueless kids from Halifax walking aimlessly around Manhattan looking for sneakers and kung-fu flicks, amazed by everything we saw and heard. Walking amongst huge crowds, we were swallowed up and became part of the energy and chaos. I was consumed by the filth, the grit, the grime, as much as I was by the beauty and excitement.

As we walked block after block, I stared, mouth open, equally as intrigued by the homeless people as the movie set backdrops the city claimed as everyday life. I felt important and insignificant at the same time. It seemed everyone had a story to tell – heartache, pain, rage, or even something as mundane as just making sure they got to work on time – and they are all more interesting than mine. As I listen to Beacons, I get hit with that feeling again.

Ohbijou - Casey Mecija and six supremely talented musicians - have crafted a beautiful, melancholic effort but even with the intimacy and tenderness they deliver, the surges and layers help the songs seem bigger than life. The emotions are dark and personal, but the intricate arrangements are as vast as the skyline. It's as if the the physical move from Branford to the city changed how Casey saw the world, or at least gave her a new sonic palette to work with. Having never seen the band live, the beefed up arrangements seem like a pretty big step for the band (although, for a fan like Frank that has seen the band countless times, the transition seems pretty natural), but one they handle with aplomb.

Gentle, patient crescendos and terrific harmonies give these orchestral tracks little boosts of energy (the build New Year’s is absolutely fantastic as is the chaos that breaks through the calm on Make It Gold) and make them more accessible, but never do they drown out the Casey’s heart. They say that home is where the heart is, but as Beacons proves, changing locations doesn't changes what makes yours beat. No, even as the bigger than life emotions of the city course through her veins, you can still feel Casey's heart beat and break and feel the warmth of her breath as she strides through the faceless mass.

MP3:: Ohbijou - Black Ice

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