Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Morning Coffee:: The John Punch Band

When this Ottawa three-piece kicks off their debut EP with the country rock, road trip ready Tipping Boats, you can’t help but be won over. The tight pocket of sound is bigger than you’d expect and Cory’s vocals really channel a passion from the band’s name sake. You foot starts stomping and your head starts nodding along before you even get through the first listen.

Obviously, when you explode out of the starting blocks with such thunder, it's hard to keep that intensity. The rest of the EP isn’t quite as passionate as the opening track as they follow up with more standard acoustic folk, heavy on lyrics and picked/strummed melodies – but that’s not a slight. Well placed harmonies (Our Lovers) and pleasing sounds float around the room, and you really feel like Cory puts every ounce of who he is into the songs.

The debut EP - Fences Have Been Planted, Thorns Have Been Built - is just getting pressed now, and it's the type of record that will undoubtedly lead to better things. If they can continue to create the energy of Tippin' Boats and the dynamite closing track, Stars and Stripes this Ottawa band will be one you see on stages at folk festivals soon enough.

MP3:: The John Punch Band - Tippin' Boats

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