Friday, June 12, 2009

Weekend quick hits:: Dinosaur Jr., Birthday Boys

Dinosaur Jr - Farm

It's hard not to get a bit excited for Dinosaur Jr., and the rest of the heavily 90's inspired gang of musicians set to play Halifax for the Virgin fest. I know Shane and I are the silver foxes of the music blog world, but even if just because 12 hours up the road is one of the worst festival lineups I've ever seen, the chance to hear some of the bands I rocked during freshman year is always a better option than Simple Plan, Black Eyed Peas or NKOTB.

But when you really dive into Farm, you can't help but think a lot of the fields the trio plows have already been picked dry. Only two years removed from the energetic Beyond, DJ really show their age on this one. Mascis still has the guitar chops and lightening finger work, and his trademark vocal style still grabs your ear, but nothing on this one really clicks. I mean, it's still better than lots of new bands and the back catalog alone makes this worth more listens, but when J says, "I've got nothing left to be" I really start to believe him.

Birthday Boys - Bad Blood

Form a band everyone's heard of, to one trying to get some traction. Toronto's Birthday Boys are trying to find their niche mixing country tinged rock and blues. They front load Bad Blood with big riffs, bouncy bass lines and lots of energy (Knockoff and The Drug are bar rock ready sing-alongs) and you can tell the band is giving it everything they've got and Steve Albini made them work in the studio.

The thing is, they just run out of steam. If they had trimmed the record into a succinct, 9-song package and sequenced differently, it would have been a much stronger/consistent effort, but as far as bar rocking blues goes, Birthday Boys show some promise.

MP3:: Dinosaur Jr. - I Want You To Know

MP3:: Birthday Boys - Knockoff

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