Monday, July 13, 2009

Five Funky Stories:: Maya Miller of the Pack A.D.

In an effort to bring a bit of shine to the bands that actually make the effort to hit up Halifax on a tour, we have started a section called, Five Funky Stories (+10 blogger points if you get the reference). Basically, we built this handy dandy random question generator that sends out some funny questions to the band, they fill out a few witty retorts hit submit and it's go time.

I honestly can't think of a better band to jump start anything to do with touring, then Vancouver's heavy hitting garage/blues The Pack AD. Maya and Becky have toured the shit out of North America in the last year, somehow playing almost as many shows as their are days in the year. With the support of coffee, Falcon and some terrific fans, they just finished playing playing 84 shows in 95 days. Hot damn.

The girls will tear the roof off Gus' Pub on July 20th and in case you were still on the fence, just keep reading and see how fun Maya is.

Name: Maya Miller
Band: The Pack A.D.

1. Super tight pants on dudes: Yes! or Noooooooooooooooo!
Hmm, yes, but only if it doesn't make them appear genital-less...because that's just depressing.

2. Name your all-time favorite Canadian album.
Day for Night - The Tragically Hip or anything by Anne Murray

3. Patio Lanterns, Go For Soda, or WFT does that mean?
I would rather squeeze lemon juice into my eyeballs.

4. What's the best band name you can think of in the next 15 seconds?
Corntoe Attack

5. What is your favorite venue to play (excluding those in your city of residence)
Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto

MP3:: The Pack A.D. - Snow (live @ The Horseshoe Tavern)

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