Saturday, July 4, 2009

News:: Julie Doiron does Daytrotter

It's fixing to be the summer of Julie Doiron here on the East Coast. She's playing Sappyfest, but with the announcement that Mt. Eerie is playing a show at Sappy and here in Halifax, it's inevitable that she and Fred will jump on stage with Phil and blow people's minds.

Note: Seriously. Go buy Lost Wisdom right now.

To get everyone excited, I thought I'd link a track from her recent Daytrotter session (although, instead of just downloading the song, you should go over to the site and click an ad). This song is from her terrific Will You Still Love Me EP, and when it comes to her music, the answer to that question, is and will always be, a resounding yes!

MP3:: Julie Doiron - Will You Still Love Me in December (Daytrotter)
VISIT:: Daytrotter

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At 12:38 PM, Blogger Justin Beach did sayeth:

Just saw Julie in Ottawa for Canada Day (with Justin Rutledge and Maybe Smith) - absolutely a national treasure It amazes me that everyone in the country doesn't know her name.

Vid from Ottawa is here.


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