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Preview:: Sappyfest 2009

Today we recieved a preliminary lineup announcement for HPX '09 (full post on that coming soon, but suffice to say that with names like Japandroids, Ohbijou & The Acorn, things are shaping up well already), and this reminded me that we had yet to post anything on what might be the best summer music festival for indie music fans in this part of the world: Sappyfest.

Now in its fourth iteration, Sappyfest is put on by the fine folks of Sappy Records (Julie Doiron, Jon Claytor and Paul Henderson), and takes place in the lovely town of Sackville, New Brunswick. It all goes down at the end of this month, July 31 - August 2, and based on the incredible feedback we've heard from folks who've attended, it's a proper blast for all involved. So I'd suggest that if there's any way you can make it, do so. The full schedule has been released, but just have a gander at this eye-vexing list of this year's performers:

100 Dollars, The Adam Mowery Organization, Attack In Black, Baby Eagle, The Baird Brothers, BA Johnston, Bloodsport, Brent Randall & His Pinecones, The Burning Hell, Calvin Johnson, Cat Pontoon, Clues, Destroyer, Dog Day, The D'ubervilles, Eric Chenaux, Eric's Trip, Fembots, Fuerermusik, Gambletron, The Gertrudes, Harbour Coats, Horses, Jon Rae Fletcher, Jon Mckiel, Julie Doiron, Julie Fader, Justin Haynes, Ladyhawk, Laura Borealis, Lonnie James, Lovesinger, Luyas, The Magic, Motion Ensemble, Old Man Luedecke, Ohbijou, Rick White, Rock Plaza Central, Ryan Driver, Shapes & Sizes, Shotgun Jimmie, Snailhouse, Spring Break Up, Timber Timbre, We Are Action, Windom Earle, Wintersleep & Woolly Leaves, Castlemusic, Mount Eerie, Slowlover, Snowblink, The Memories Attack

There's more to Sappy than music though:

Run in conjunction with Sappyfest, the Ok.Quoi?! Arts Festival will feature curatorial projects by Elisabeth Belliveau (www.elisabethbelliveau.com), Peter Flemming (www.peterflemming.ca), Rita McKeough, and instillations by Jean-Pierre Gauthier (http://sites.google.com/site/jpgauthiermachines), Vincent Levy (http://vlevy-expos.blogspot.com / http://vlevy.installations.free.fr), Lisa Lipton, and Anne MacMillan. The festival will also feature films by Nelson Henricks (http://www.nelsonhenricks.com), Helen Hill (http://www.helenhill.org), Allyson Mitchell (http://www.allysonmitchell.com), Kate O'Connor (http://www.kateoconnor.ca), and Chad Van Gaalen (http://www.chadvangaalen.com).

I think you have all the info you need, so get some tickets.

MP3:: Julie Doiron - Sending The Photographs

MP3:: Ladyhawk - I Don’t Always Know What You’re Saying

MP3:: Castlemusic - Heaven

MP3:: The Gertrudes - The River

MP3:: Spring Breakup - Leaky Pail

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