Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Quick Hitters:: Father Abraham

Father Knows Best was a classic American radio/TV show from the 40's and 50's, but being a father (x2) now myself, I'm thinking that such a slogan would only be applied to myself in an ironic manner (call Alanis). I mean, if you're talking about things like "Father Knows Whose Flat-Top Rules in '89", or "Father Knows Who Led the 1990 Saints in Catches", then yes, I know best (Kane & Eric Martin respectfully). As for Boston producer/MC Father Abraham, he certainly knows the best place to get a crap-ton of free indie hip hop: from him.

Not only does Abraham Kinkopf have 3 full albums available for download on his site (including last year's I Am Not a Sailor I Am the Captain, which was recorded in a converted mill in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, which just sounds awesome to me for some reason), but he is also at the halfway point of an ambitious project he's dubbed 52 Pickup, which finds him producing, recording and releasing a new song a week for this entire year. That sounds like just a daunting amount effort to pull off, the kind of effort that deserves your click-love no matter what it sounds like.

But what does it sound like? Well this is real indie rap, so you can throw in a reference to the touchstone of your choice in that arena, be it Sage, Aesop, DOOM or El-P, but ole Abe manages to do it in his own style, with a voice that often threatens to reach the Adrock-register, but never quite gets there. Subject matter of Father Abraham's songs covers the topics you might expect from the political to the metaphysical, but one thing I appreciate is that he's usually able to cover those topics without being too cryptic. The production has a definite electro bent, but it is also layered and shifts direction often, which somehow gives it an organic feel.

Oh, and he has a song called Dirge Nowitzki, which contains the line "cause I taught him Shaq-Fu, and now we all Shazam!", and finishes with a spanish serenade with crooned references to a few NBAers, including everyone's favorite Spanish Raptor. I found it mucho enjoyable. You might too, so go see for yourself if Father Abraham does indeed know best.

MP3:: Father Abraham - Spacemarch

MP3:: Father Abraham - Sasquatch Hunter

MP3:: Father Abraham - Dirge Nowitzki

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