Friday Showstravaganza:: Boxer The Horse, Cousins & Catherine MacLellan

Well summer is almost over, and that’s sad for some, but I don’t mind much. Why you ask? Well, it’s not only because football season is just around the corner (I’m warning you Saints, I’ve been a die-hard for like 20 years, but let me down again…and I will do nothing about it) but fall means a uptake in the amount of shows that we see here in Halifax.

Things likely won’t get up to full speed until the college kids come back, but this weekend is still pretty busy. There’s a very solid looking rock & roll show at The Seahorse featuring two PEI outfits, the acclaimed Boxer The Horse, and new boys Milks & Rectangles, who are putting out a record on IFS’ Night Danger. They’ll be joined by the emo-tastic looking Isle Of Thieves, who I know nothing about, but sound like they’d get the kids moving. The Ack’s Cousins review was rather effusive, so you may want to get out and see Mr. Mangle’s release party at the Kyber.

If you’re heading out Saturday night The Company House is an attractive option with a bill featuring The Olympic Symphonium & Catherine MacLellan. And if you’re looking for something to do next week, Josh Martinez at the Paragon seems like a good idea.

MP3:: Boxer The Horse - Jackson Leftfield

MP3:: Cousins - Out On Town

MP3:: The Olympic Symphonium - Blood From A Stone

MP3:: Catherine MacLellan - Take a Break



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